09 November 2016


Howdy folks!

Nic here- during the past weekend I was eagerly watching the world championship for X-Wing on Twitch. SPOILER ALERT - Dengaroo wins. Unlike many unfavorable opinions (specifically the folks over at Zombie Squadron) about this lists ability to win it all at worlds, it did! Again another spectacular death from Corran Horn early on in the match made it rough going for Miranda. However, that is not the focus of this article.

As I was watching/listening between breaks in the matches doing the dishes, these folks popped in to talk a bit (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Alex Davy (FFG X-Wing Developer) and Chris Beck (FFG graphic design artist)
As I was listening, they discussed a few things, specifically the recent FAQ update that nerfed the triple Jumpmaster 5000 list. As the conversation continued, a few interesting aspects were brought up about what we can expect from the future of X-Wing.

To paraphrase Mr. Davy's words, "...under performing ships such as the StarViper, Kihraxz, and T-65 X-Wing are getting close attention from the developers similar to what the TIE Defender and Scyk Interceptor received recently."

Does this mean a fix is on the way for both of these ships? Possibly! I have yet to play the Scyk with its new and improved title card (increase hull value by 1), yet the TIE Defender has been showing up a ton lately at all levels of X-Wing play. If any of the potential incoming fixes are as good as the TIE Defender title card, then we could see some of our beloved ships return to fight in a more prominent way.

Any guesses on what the fixes might entail?

In my opinion, fixing the T-65 X-Wing and the Kirhraxz are going to require some major overhauls. It will most likely arrive in the form of a new title card that will either boost the action bar and maneuverability of the ships. However, I could see some new pilots from Rogue One making their appearance in the U-Wing expansion similar to how the T-70 got upgraded by the Heroes of the Resistance expansion. As for the Kirhaxz, I think FFG will wait for a new expansion much further down the road that will be similar to the Veterans or Aces packs we have seen.

As for the StarViper, I would like to see the dial receive some extra green maneuvers along with the ability to take an evade action. In addition, a reduced cost would be awesome as they typically need some major add ons in order to be playable.

Thoughts??? Let us know what you all want to see from these potential ships in the future!

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