13 August 2017

NOVA Open is now accepting registrations

The NOVA Open is a Washington, DC area tabletop wargaming convention with a strong focus on organized play, charity, hobby seminars, and social connection.

 Over 1,300 gamers attended in 2016. 2017 will be the 8th year of the NOVA Open, whose origins lie in a 32-person outdoor charity BBQ tournament held in 2009 in Springfield, VA.

 The NOVA Open's legacy events include a 256-slot Warhammer 40,000 GT, 256-player X-Wing Championship, and 100+ player events in Warmachine, Malifaux, and large organized play tracks in numerous other game systems.


07 March 2017

Talk about scruffy looking NERF herders - Updated X-Wing FAQ

Fellow X-Wingers -

This is a sad sad day for the Empire and Scum and a GREAT day for us Rebel players (kinda).

In the newest FAQ update, a few things have been altered:

(1) Manaroo - say goodbye to the old days of flying away from the battle and triggering her pilot ability from the other side of the table (not exactly but you get the ghist). Welcome to the new and not so improved Manaroo.

That is correct folks, her pilot ability now only triggers at Range 1. Talk about filthy, this one hurts the Dengaroo and Parattani builds in particular but it will force players to be considerably more aggressive with Manaroo.

(2) Zuckess - your ship must currently be "stress free" in order for Zuckess to trigger.

I understand this change given how well Dengaroo has performed over the past year (recent world winner and such) but this will really decrease the viability of Dengaroo given that you must now clear the stress before using Zuckess again. Due to this, I think we could see a rise in Inspiring Recruit on Manroo in order to allow Dengar to clear up to two stress per round, but only time will tell.

(3) TIE/x7 Title - after performing a 3,4, or 5-speed maneuver, if you DID NOT overlap an obstacle or ship, you may perform a free evade action.

This one hurts. I can recall many times where after I performed a 3-speed maneuver and ended up getting bumped (or on a rock) but saving my defender with the "assigned" evade token. Alas, be still my heart! This has been reduced to a measly "free" evade action. As such, stress builds should put the defenders with this title in a bit of a bind now.

(4) Emperor Palpatine - has gone the way of the Dodo...er...I mean C-3PO...kinda. You now are forced to name a specified die result roll once per round when rolling a friendly dice, and then after rolling you may change 1 dice result to the named result.

This new ruling requires the player to choose wisely when to trigger Palpatine as you cannot roll dice and then decide if you want to trigger Palpatine. It must be stated before you roll your dice. In addition, if you roll Palpatine for defense and say "evade" and roll all "evades" then you would simply end up with the rolled results. You must be able to change a rolled result to the result that you spat out of your mouth prior to the dice roll.

(5) I'll Show you the Dark Side - This condition card as reviewed cause some minor confusion as to if it bypassed shields or not. My original interpretation was that it did and it was just confirmed in the Errata. The clarification is as follows:

"If a ship with this card assigned to it suffers critical damage during an attack, it must suffer the Damage card assigned to I'll Show You the Dark Side instead (even if it has shield tokens)"

Well folks this should shake up the meta a bit in my opinion but eh we shall see! Stay tuned for more updates as we digest the recent FAQ update.

Stay frosty (and pissed off)


25 February 2017

GNOME CON 2017 X-Wing Tournament and Tag Event

Come one, come all to - GNOME CON 2017

Join The Metal Bikini and Galactic Comics and Games for the first annual X-Wing tournament at Gnome Con 2017 on March 4th at 10:00AM in Savannah, Georgia. The event takes place at the Ramada Inn Savannah/Pooler and should run from 10:00AM to whenever we finish. Standard relaxed tournament rules apply and the event is limited to 24 players. It is a first-come, first-served event and your badge into Gnome Con is your formal registration. For those of you are from out-of-town and would like to play, please drop us a line at TMB's facebook page and we can try to reserve a spot for you or your group.

We plan on having four 75 minute Swiss Rounds, followed by a cut to the either the top four or eight players (based on total number of registrations). Registration starts at 9:15AM and the first round begins at 10:00AM sharp. We will have a thirty minute lunch break between rounds. Please bring two copies of your squad sheet fully filled out to registration.

The prizes for the event were custom created by our good friends at CurledPawCreatives and will be worth the registration cost (again this is your badge into the Con). In addition, we will have other swag from TMB and Gnome Con for special prize giveaways.

In addition to the tournament, we will kick off our first South East Bag Tag event for those that wish to participate. What is this you ask? A Bag Tag event is a long-term running competition between players who hold "Tags". Once you receive a ""Tag" based off of your performance at the Gnome Con event, you can play others for their "Tags" in a competitive format game throughout the region. The winner of the match takes the highest"Tag". This particular Bag Tag event will be run by our good friend Adam M and will run approximately six months from the Gnome Con event. This event is to encourage travel to other stores in the region. If you are interested in signing up for the Bag Tag event please see our facebook page for the link. On a side note, you can still play in the tournament without participating in the Bag Tag event but if you are from the South East area you should join us. I promise that it will be fun and the prizes will be make you act a fool.

Other events at Gnome Con will consist of a Destiny tournament on Friday afternoon and a team tournament on Sunday. Please see the official Gnome Con event page for additional information.

Looking forward to having you all at the event and drop us a line if y'all have any questions.

See you at the GNOME.

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06 February 2017

Fancy Shenanigans

Hi all -

Sorry for the long delay between posts. Work is...well work! Plus I have been a bit busy with this weird new game call "Star Wars Destiny".  (Good Luck finding cards ;-) )

Recently on a reddit thread, a friend of the bar and owner of Curled Paw Creatives posted about his top 8 list for the Tennessee regional. Basically, the fancy shenanigans that have caused some debate is one that allows you to miss, re-target and then shoot twice more. Sound interesting eh? Lets dive in.

The list is:

Aggressor: · IG-88B (36)
 Tractor Beam (1)
 IG-2000 (0)

YV-666: · Bossk (35)
 "Mangler" Cannon (4)
 · IG-88D (1)
 Gunner (5)
 · Dengar (3)
 Burnout SLAM (1)

The key to the list is the IG-88D crew card which allows you to have the pilot ability of each friendly ship with the IG-2000 upgrade card. With Bossk sharing the pilot ability from IG-88B via his equipped IG-88D (Once per round, after you perform an attack that does not hit, you may perform an attack with an equipped cannon secondary weapon) along with Gunner (After you perform an attack that does not hit, you may immediately perform a primary weapon attack) this tricky combo can allow you to attack three different times. How does this work you ask?

Bossk targets the farthest target away from him or the most likely target to cause the shot to miss. Bossk fires away and shot misses. This triggers step 9 in the timing chart (identify abilities that trigger "after attacking" or "after defending" that perform an attack). Then Bossk may acquire a different ship to attack per page 4 of the rules guide (the attacker chooses one enemy ship to be the target and pays any cost required for the attack) and it is common to target the closest ship that Bossk has within his primary firing arc. He (yes there are female Trandoshans, just in case you were wondering) then triggers either Gunner or IG-88D. He then may use whatever ability he did not previously resolve (i.e. Bossk triggers Gunner first and then may trigger IG-88D next). Per step 9 of the timing chart, these abilities stack and can be resolved in the same attack sequence.

Nifty eh? We thought so...

Previously when IG-88D was released, this ability combination was not viable in play. This was because of the lack of the timing chart and the rules clarifications that required players to choose abilities to resolve. With the release of the timing chart, this combination becomes a viable options.

Now before Mr. Birmingham Baron (they live here) took this particular list to a regional, he wanted to confirm that this combination was indeed correct. Now our good 'ol friend Frank replied with an affirmative reply:

"Hello Andrew,

In response to your rules question: Rules Question: So I have a question about how a couple cards interact now that there has been a Step 9 Clarification of how >multiple abilities that trigger are "stacked" to the next step 9 of a combat turn. Specifically these cards listed >below. IG-88B - Once per round, after you perform an attack that does not hit, you may perform an attack with >an equipped Cannon secondary weapon. Gunner - After you perform an attack that does not hit, you may >immediately perform a primary weapon attack. You cannot perform another attack this round. So if I have a list >like the
Alex Davy (left) and Frank Brooks (right) 
one below. • Bossk YV-666 Veteran Instincts “Mangler” Cannon IG-88D\ Dengar Gunner Burnout Slam >Engine Upgrade • IG88-B Aggressor Veteran Instincts Fire-Control System “Mangler” Cannon Inertial >Dampeners IG-2000 Autothrusters Step 9 is currently worded: 9. Identify abilities that trigger “after attacking” >or “after defending” that perform an attack (such as BTL-A4 Y-wing, Dengar [ship], Gunner, etc.) i. Player with >initiative chooses 1 of his abilities to resolve ii. If no ability was chosen in step (i), the other player chooses 1 of >his abilities to resolve iii. Any abilities that were not chosen, are added to the step 9 of the next attack With the >way Step 9 is currently worded, When shooting with Bossk, If I miss my first attack, Both IG-88B's pilot ability >triggered due to IG-88D crew, along with Gunner Crew. Because they trigger at the same time, I now get to >choose which order they are resolved. I choose to resolve IG-88B first and get to shoot with my Mangler Cannon >at the Target. I hit the target. I am now back at Step 9 from the Mangler attack, which hit. So now I choose to >resolve Gunner, which triggered from the initial missed attack that also triggered IG-88B. I follow through the >normal attack steps and after Gunner is resolved I can no longer perform any attacks this round. I would like >this clarification as this is how our current league plays this combo. We are all in agreeance at how it is worded. >With Regionals currently underway we would just some some official wording when bringing this kind of list to a >larger competition. Thank you again! Andrew

You are correct. There is an example similar to this (slightly less crazy) on page 20 of the FAQ. You could resolve >the IG-88B ability after the initial miss, then resolve the Gunner effect even though you hit with the IG-88B >secondary weapon attack.
Thanks for playing,
Frank Brooks Associate Creative Content Developer Fantasy Flight Games"

Well thanks Frank! What a pal

I found this combination to be quite inventive and creative. I guess it might just take the owner/designer from our beloved custom X-Wing templates store (Curled Paw Creatives) to come up with something so...creative.

This has my head spinning with other possibilities...now if only Dengar had a Cannon slot.

Have any other interesting combinations? Let us know!

Peace out and eat hamburgers