24 July 2014

Bikini Squadron is Online!

All right, so without further adieu, I give to you the GDrive folder of the pilots y'all submitted for the big Wave 4 Lottery Contest sponsored by MiniatureMarket.com and presented by TheMetalBikini.com-

(Click on that to go to the GDrive Folder)

As I said to some of y'all in my replies to your entries, I wasn't really all that surprised that so many of you entered the contest. I mean, it wasn't that much work to create a pilot card, and with MM giving away all four of the Wave 4 ships to each of the four winners, it was definitely worth the trouble, right?

What I totally didn't plan on was all of the interesting special rules you guys came up with. I'm for real when I say that some of your entries were highly original, thematic, and inventive in the extreme.

We also had entries for existing pilots, alternate takes on an existing pilot or two, and lots of funny entries. All in all, I really did have a blast going through all of these pilot cards and you guys all deserve a huge round of thanks, drinks, and pats on the back for your trouble. There's some really good stuff in here! When I have time, I'll spotlight some cards that are particularly cool, funny, or have neat rules on here. Until then though, you really do owe it to yourselves and each other to go through this directory, large as it may be, and take a good hard look at some of these cards. I'm tellin' ya, some of them you really will want to incorporate into your games- they're that good.

So once again, thanks to Miniature Market for being such amazing sponsors and thanks to all of you guys who made this contest so successful.

Congrats again to the winners and guys I'll be sure and forward any info I get on prizes being mailed out as soon as I get it from MM.

Friday I'll be back on Wave 4 card stuff.


EDIT: It would appear that some of the cards I tried to upload last night in a bulk move didn't go as evidenced in the comments below. If you don't see your card in the Bikini Squadron folder, leave a comment or shoot me an email and we'll get you added in. Sorry y'all!

23 July 2014


Apologies again for taking awhile to get the entries posted, but I'm at least going to throw you the four, randomly selected winners of the Wave 4 Lottery Contest!

If you're curious as to how I selected the winners, I moved all of your emails to a "Pilot Contest Folder", took some screenshots, then printed those screenshots out.

Then I just started with "001" and wrote numbers by each entry (of which there were 120 total). Then I just went on that Random Number Generator website, put in 120 for the range, and hit the "Get Number" button four times. 

So here are the Pilot Cards of the Winners- 

I'll get the rest of the pictures from the entries and post them up in a GDrive folder late tonight. 

Winners- you've all been emailed. I'll be forwarding your mailing address information over to MM very shortly. 

Thanks again to everyone who entered! 

Contest Results Delayed

Hey sorry, y'all. Passed out on the couch last night about 9:30pm and didn't wake up until it was time for work.

Give me a few hours and I'll announce the winners and hopefully go ahead and link to a GDrive folder so y'all can check out the cards.

Apologies for the delay, everybody.

22 July 2014

Droids- R7 Astromech

This post regarding Droids is part of a larger article regarding Wave 4 listbuilding- the rest of the posts in this series will be available in the coming weeks as I'm revealing a post or two per day on the various topics in that larger article. For more info, click the "List Building Resources" tab at the top of the page or simply click here.

R7 Astromech (2)
Action?: No
Card Text: Once per round when defending, if you have a Target Lock on the Attacker, you may spend the Target Lock to choose any or all Attack dice. The Attacker must reroll the chosen dice.
Usage: So this is an interesting little card in that it's one of the few truly defensive modifier type upgrades out there.

Easiest way to think of this card is it's essentially a reverse Target Lock. If you have the ship attacking you Target Locked, you can make him re-roll his Attack dice.

Now, this brings up a couple of interesting points, but they all more or less boil down to when exactly this card text happens, so let's bust out the rules and see if we can get a clear idea of the timing of this sequence.

At this point, y'all likely know the sequence of events that makes up any given Combat Phase, but for grins, here it is again- from page 10 in your Core Rules:

Ok, so that's great. We see that R7 is going to do his thing in Step 3- Modify Attack Dice. That said, we don't know who does the modifying first- the Attacker or the Defender and it kinda does make a difference, right? So let's read on... 

Page 12 clears it up very neatly for us- 

Ah ha! So in the detailed version of the step, we see that if the Attacker and Defender both have means of modifying the Attack dice, the Defender resolves his abilities first. 

So that's actually pretty significant, right? Main reason I'm under this impression is that tidbit also on page 12 about not being able to re-roll a re-rolled die. 

See where I'm going with this? 

The R7 card text explicitly states that you (the defender) are making the attacker re-roll the chosen die/ dice. If that happens, any of the dice that were re-rolled can't be re-rolled again via the attacker's own Target Lock, for example. 

Now, your opponent can still Focus or Marksmanship or use other Change type die modifications, but he can't re-roll the chosen dice. Note however that if three Attack dice are rolled, we'll call them die 1, die 2, and die 3, and you make him re-roll dies 1 and 2, he could conceivably burn his Target Lock to re-roll die 3. Just saying. 

So now that we've gotten all that crazy business ironed out, who does R7 work well on? 

Well, for starters there's only three ships that can sport an Astromech- the X-Wing, the Y-Wing, and the E-Wing, so right off the bat you're rather limited. All three of those ships have Target Lock as a default Action, so we're ok there. Past that, anybody who has an ability that centers around Target Locks or is one of those rare breeds that wants to Target Lock more than Focus would be a pretty obvious candidate, right? Like Dutch Vander for example? Hobbie Klivian might not be bad either, or especially Tarn Mison. 

Now, that being said, bear in mind this card isn't exactly automatic. Anybody in their right mind isn't going to Attack you if they've been Target Locked by you and you are sporting R7 (I keep wanting to call him L7). Now, that in and of itself can be disruptive which can benefit you as it jacks with your opponents decision making process, but it's a fairly subtle disruption and it's not really even guaranteed to do you much good to have your opponent re-roll those dice.

I mean again, recall that the X-Wing Miniatures Attack dice are rigged to hit 50% of the time unmodified. You might throw away a Target Lock and your opponent still hits you. Of course, if he got turbo lucky and scored four crits it might be worth it to attempt to downgrade them to regular hits or whatever, but I would be careful expecting too much out of this card. It has some decent synergy with Sensor Jammer though and makes the E-Wing bearing that combo extremely difficult to hit on top of the ship's already formidable maneuvering ability and 3 Defense dice. 

Also keep in mind that you do have to discard your Target Lock to get this to work. Since this is a "May" not a "Must" type of thing, you can make that decision contextually, but it's still a bit of a price to pay, though it makes me think on higher PS pilots, it's not such a big deal. 

Entry for the Wave 4 Lottery is Closed

Just wanted to make it official- the entry period for the Wave 4 Lottery Contest is now closed. Come back Wednesday and I'll announce the four winners!

I've mentioned this to several of the entrants, but I wasn't at all shocked at the volume of entries (around 130 last time I checked)- I was however shocked at some of the really cool, original, and inventive ideas y'all came up with for your pilot abilities. You guys really owe it to yourselves to go through these Pilot Cards once I get them posted up for you to see and check out some of these special rules. There's some really good stuff in there! If I have time, I'll go through and pick out five or so that I thought really stood out.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter the contest and thanks again to MiniatureMarket.com for ponying up the prizes yet again! Show them some love if you have the chance!