25 February 2016

Friends, Wingmen, Aficionados... Lend Me Your Ears

Hola amigos, it's been a while since I rapped at ya (bonus points if you get that reference). 

But yeah. It really has been awhile since I rapped at ya. Some of y'all have emailed me over the past 10(!) months to see what was up, if I was still alive., and of course whether or not I'd be picking up the fallen standard here at the Bikini and actually, uh, you know... start writing again. 

To answer your questions, yes and no. 

First, the million dollar question- did I really get sued by Lucasfilm and stop writing as a result? No, of course not. That last post was just one of my annual April Fool's Day jokes that just happened to coincide with my disappearance. I honestly didn't plan it that way, but it did work out fairly comedically for me to end things on a, "Peace out fools!" note, huh? 

Ok, so if not for the threat of legal action, why did I go away? And why did I just come out and explain it or whatever? 

Long story short, I didn't want to bring everybody down. I have depression and have lived with it the va-ha-ha-haaaa-st majority of my life. Certainly all of my adult life. It's not because some terrible shit happened when I was a kid or anything, I just don't make quite enough serotonin. And as a result, I've had to employ some rather off the wall means of getting by. And sometimes those means when things get particularly bad result in me just more or less unplugging from everything for awhile because I've just got too many things going on at once. 

Like I said, that's the long story short version. 

Anyway, after I stopped writing, I kinda stopped pretty much everything besides working and being a dad. I wasn't playing games of any kind, wasn't writing, just working with my newly acquired therapist and shrink to get my head back into a place that didn't make me a complete nightmare to live or work with. 

Little by little as they deprogrammed me from the corner I'd painted myself into, I started getting my head together and things got better. They also put me on some drugs which actually worked this time, and now I'm actually much better than I used to be. 

As to why I've not started writing for The Bikini again as a result, well that's simple- I haven't played X-Wing since I stopped writing. 

As y'all know, I was never particularly insightful with my strategies and stuff I'd write on here, and I damn sure wan't a good X-Wing Miniatures player. The two things I did well were explaining the rules and being funny. The second one I come by fairly naturally being as how I basically raised myself on comedy from a young age, but the first one more or less requires that I play the game so I can understand how the mechanics mesh together. Me not playing but still writing just felt like a poser move, and Lord knows I can't be seen by others as a poser. 

So a few weeks back, I got another one of those emails asking how I was doing and if I planned on, h, you know, writing again at some point. I gave him the long story short version of what's gone down in the past year or so and said if I started playing again I'd probably start writing again, but I'm so out of it with all these EU ships that I kinda didn't see it happening anytime soon. 

That was when he asked if he and a friend of his could sort of "revitalize" the Bikini by taking it over and writing some stuff for it. I said, "Sure." 

I doubt I'll be doing much writing, but I'm sure I'll stick my head in here from time to time when the moment strikes me, and who knows- I might even start playing again one of these days. If that happens, there's a good chance I'll start writing more. That said, most of my free time is being taken by another project I started with some guys from work, so don't get your hopes up too high. If you're bored sometime and you too see the natural link between comedy and firearms, then this ought to be right up your alley- EPO Tactical. We also have a YouTube Channel

And here we are. Psst. P-s-s-s-s-t. PSST. Nic- this is where you take over, bro. 

Wait - Clint, no mic drop? Come on bro, oh wait...anyways.

Thanks for the introduction and the insight into the mind of Clint! As an avid fan of The Metal Bikini, I have a strong appreciation for the eloquence and hilarity that is Clint Weisbergeereereeresserrer (To be honest, I never knew how to say your last name until you phonetically spelled it out to me, I guess hooked on phonics worked). None can do him justice, however, Jeb and I will try to live up to the quality of the work that is TMB.

To introduce myself, my name is Nic Murray (Hi..Nic). I am a professor at a university in Georgia, where I direct the concussion research program. Before you ask, yes I consistently hit people on the head to investigate what happens (ssshhhhhhhh - don't tell the ethics committee!). I am an avid board gamer, video gamer, and all around nerd. I am the tournament organizer for our local shop (Galactic Comics and Games) located in little town called Statesboro. I have been playing X-Wing since it was released and have a few titles (store championships, leagues, and tournaments) under my belt. I am a decent player, by no means great, and I typically fly Rebels (Poe freaking Damon.....enough said). However, I have had this uncommon fondness for this odd thing called Crack Shot and Black Squadron TIES. Anyways, enough about Crack (hmmm...) Shot allow me to introduce my com padre Jeb.

My good friend Jeb Barger (who also works at the same university as I) is an avid gamer (Warhammer, 40K from back in the day, and whatever he can get his hands on) and currently spends is time attempting to fly his Imperial fleet to victory against the rebel terrorists (his words exactly people, not mine! I mean come on, how can Chewie be a terrorist, he is just a walking carpet). Simultaneously, he tries to manage his space corporation in Eve Online (whatever that is...if it does not have and X-Wing in it, or at least a sarcastic astromech droid, then it is not a real game). Jeb is a software developer by day and rides pretty pink ponies at night in his dreams while cuddling his stuffed jar jar binks...wait...I mean. Dang it. Moment ruined. Anyways, that got awkward quick! Apparently Clint and Jeb share the same fascination and obsession with some guy called Michio Kaku. I do not know who that is, but with that rad of a name, he must be a cool guy.

Enough talk about us, let's briefly talk about the site. As Clint stated, I reached out to him one day and asked if we could start TMB up again. He said "Sure" and we were thrilled. Our overall goal of the site is to continue the legacy that Clint started with outstanding posts regarding rules, reveals, builds, current meta and the like. However, we also will be starting a monthly podcast that will discuss current trends, individual player highlights, and the like. We will also be hosting a new YouTube channel that will cover our local X-Wing leagues, store championships, and your typical run of the mill X-Wing tournaments. 

Again, it is a pleasure to be placed with this responsibility (with great power comes great responsibility, right? Wait a minute...why am I not powerful then?). We hope that we can bring you all quality enjoyment in the form of X-Wing media of all sorts. In addition, we would love to feature you on TMB podcast, blog, or YouTube Channel in one way or another, so don't be shy and stop on by. Within a few days we will be posting updated contact information so you can get in contact with us. Our first podcast should go live this coming Monday!

With that...Jeb drop me a beat.

We are. The Three Bartenders. And......I suck at making up songs.

So long for now from Moe (Nic), Curly (Jeb), and Larry (Clint).

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