10 November 2014

Winners of the Deep Space Scenery Contest Revealed!

Hey, so, sorry. I'd hoped to do this last week, but work has been a real pain in the ass again. 

Anyway- thanks to everyone who entered the contest. We got some really awesome and inspiring entries! I kinda wondered if there was much of a scene for building X-Wing terrain, but it looks like at least some of y'all aren't afraid of busting out the plasticard and foam cutter. 

We're not giving out first, second, and third in this thing- just three winners. That being said, I was really hoping that somebody would do up an orbital platform like from X-Wing and TIE Fighter and knew if they did a solid job, they'd definitely be a winner in my book. 

I wasn't disappointed! 

That beauty is courtesy of one Jason Breitzman! Good stuff, huh? 

Not only that, he made cards for it too! Complete with flavor text! How awesome is that? 

The next winner I'll admit it- I was biased by advertising. Congratulations to Chris Chivers of Gloucestershire!

Chris made up some rules for his scenery too! 

The TBF space defence platform dates back to the first Sith War against Exar Kun's Sith Empire. Though effective in their time, they were left abandoned by the Republic after the later wars against the Sith.
This platform orbiting Toprawa has been taken over as a makeshift home by smugglers and traders over the years, who have repaired the guns in case they need to defend themselves from pirate raiders.
The current occupant is a frequent patron of The Bikini Bar planetside (He’s gotten a few droids to affix a banner of flimsi advertising his favourite hangout to passing freighters), and has a considerable stock of their finest ales on station with him. In the event of combat occurring near his station, he will wildly fire at the nearest target. Whilst the station’s guns are powerful, his aim is affected by the copious amounts of alcohol!

Attack: 2 (360o Turret)
Agility: 0
Hull: 12
Shield: 2

The TBF must fire at the nearest ship to the central dome of the station at the start of the end phase. Due to the gunner's drunkenness, he never receives a bonus dice for being at range 1, though the defender receives one if they are at range 3. In addition, each uncancelled 'hit' or 'critical hit' is doubled, due to the high power of the guns.

This last winner really impressed me with how technical and professional everything looks. Give it up for TC of York!

TC did a little write-up to go along with his entry. 

It's aimed at being an Imperial refueling and rearming platform that can be clamped onto a suitable asteroid. Hopefully you can make out the legs holding it onto the rock underneath the platform. There have also been some excavations into the rock too, as some bits of machinery and pipes are sticking out of the rock.

The landing platform (where the 41 is) fits a TIE bomber, or Defender for loading up on supplies.

The platform has two turbo laser turrets and you can hopefully see the firing arcs on the base card.

I thought that was pretty cool too.

I just really think that's solid. 

Thanks again to everyone who entered and to Miniature Market for sponsoring another awesome contest! Another tough time of picking the winning entries! I'll be posting up a gallery of all entrants in the next couple of days in the Arts and (Space)Crafts section. 

Winners- I'll be sending along your mailing info to Miniature Market. I'll notify you when/ if I get any kind of shipping/ tracking info.

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