16 June 2014

Wave 5 Speculation

So I'd kinda planned on doing something else today, but as the comments on the Wave 5 reveal article is already filling up with speculation on the other cards included with the VT-49 Decimator and the YT-2400, I thought it might be kinda fun to spend a few minutes squinting at the rest of the contents of each Wave 5 Expansion.

So, starting with the named pilot cards, the PS 2 card seems to begin with the word, "Wild Spa-." Past that, I had no idea, so I rolled over to the Dash Rendar entry on Wookieepedia and found it's most likely Eaden Vrill, and the PS 5 card is likely LE-BO2D9. Towards the middle of the article there's a reference to Dash being caught in Wild Space, which kinda makes me think the PS 2 card is probably like Wild Space Pilot, Wild Space Pirate, or Wild Space Smuggler. Or maybe Wild Space Drifter. 

Moving on to the tokens and whatnots, it's the usual bevvy of stuff aside from these new debris fields and some itty bitty tokens that I figure are most likely for the new mission that inevitably comes with the Expansion. 

The upgrade cards, as usual are a mix of new and old stuff. Starting top left, we've got a dotted card that I can't tell if it's a crew member or just what. I don't think it's a ship title because it doesn't have that italicized line beneath the title saying "YT-2400 only" or at least it doesn't seem to, which is kinda why I'm thinking it's a Crew Member and we just can't quite see the actual Crew Member symbol in the lower left. 

Moving right, we see what's gotta be Stay On Target, then the Crew Member version of Dash, then something that starts with "Gu" I think (EDIT: I'm a dumbass- it's just) a copy of Gunner, then Lando, then a dotted card that yields some sort of Action and looks like it might be a droid Crew Member- possibly that LE-BO2D9 chap again. We round out the top row with Mercenary Copilot. 

Bottom row, we've got a Missile called Proton Rockets which is a Secondary of course because we can see the "Attack:" blah, blah in the description. Then a HLC card, a card that says "Expe- Inte-" that seems to yield some sort of Action, the Outrider title card, and a Modification that looks like a cloud of gas. "Cou- Mea-" kinda makes me wonder if it isn't Counter-Measure, which is perhaps some kind of anti-ordnance card. Or not. Who knows? 

The Decimator has even less mysterious tokens and whatnots- we've seen all of that before, of course. Running through the cards, this ship can take a lot of upgrades. Who knows if they're actually worth it, but if you look closely, you'll see this bad boy can roll a Torpedo, three Crew Members, and a Bomb with the Elite Pilot Skill as usual being available to the higher PS versions. 

The PS 3 version seems to be "Patrol" something, the 4 version is Captain somebody, the 6 Commander somebody else, and the 8 is Rear Admiral Gorreanu or Carbonneau or something like that. 

I looked up some VT-49 info online, I guess this ship was added in for Star Wars Galaxies and was intended to be kind of an evil Millennium Falcon. Other than that, neither Wookieepedia nor the Star Wars Galaxies wiki had much more info than that. 

Going through her upgrade cards, we see two cards that seem to start with the word "Ruthless" and while there's some italics below, I can't make out what it says- might be "Imperial Only", but I'm kinda guessing saying that. Moving right, we see what looks to be "Intimidate" or "Intimidation" or something along those lines. Then we have a couple copies of Ion Torpedoes, then a dotted card that seems to be a name which likely  makes it a Crew Member, then Crew Member Mara Jade. 

Bottom row we start with the revealed Fleet Officer card, then what appears to be Ysanne Isard- an Imperial Intelligence officer during the Galactic Civil War (thanks again Wookieepedia!), then a VT-49 only dotted card of some kind that seems to start with "Dal" or maybe "Dau", then a copy of Proton Bomb, and a Modification that looks to be a Tactical Jammer maybe? Hard to say. "Tal", "Tac", or "Tau" then "Ja" is all I can see there. 

Brief sidenote- does anyone else find it kind of counterintuitive that Lucasfilm/ Disney/ whoever made such a big deal about the EU not being canon but then FFG knocks out all these EU ships? Maybe it's just me. 

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