18 March 2013

Crew Members- Nien Nunb

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Nien Nunb (1)
Card Text: You may treat all <straight maneuver symbol> as green maneuvers

Usage in game: Additional green maneuver options
Action?: No

Breakdown: As I've said before, there are a lot more triggers for stress in Wave 2, some of which aren't strictly under your control the way it was back in the heady days of Wave 1. As Actions are so vitally important in this game, and Stress Tokens rob you of your ability to declare an Action, it's really important you have the ability to get rid of them in as many ways as possible to avoid compromising your maneuvering or making yourself predictable for your opponent. All ships have a handful of green maneuvers they can perform to absolve themselves of the Stress Token, but a few ships have upgrades available that allow you to take a few more- a Rebel YT-1300 of course being one of them.

I love Nien Nunb. Partially because I love in-game benefits that don't require Actions, partially because I love that he's only 1 point, but mostly because I can exactly replicate that, "Bluh?" noise he makes in Jedi.

Whoops. Wrong Link. Try this one.

So, my amazing impressions aside, what are we talking about here? How many green maneuvers does a YT-1300 have to begin with? That's the real question as I don't want to tell any of you to spend even a single point if there's no reason. It sounds good getting to do all straight maneuvers as greens, but how many maneuvers are we really paying that point for?

Stock, a YT-1300 has four green maneuvers on its dial- 1 straight and banks, and a 2 straight. Investing one point into Nein Nunb nets you essentially, a three straight and a four straight. I'd buy that for a dollar! Thought I was gonna go Robocop there didn't ya? Yeah, nah.

Some of you long time readers may be wondering why I'm so emphatic over Nien Nunb when I was fairly lukewarm over R2 Astromechs. They seem fairly similar at a glance, and even cost the same amount of points, but the context here is what makes them completely different.

First, Nien Nunb is a Crew Member, and as YT-1300s have two Crew Member slots, taking him doesn't really lock out the other slots. I mean, yeah, there are more than two Crew Members a YT-1300 can take, so you are locking out a Luke, Chewie, Gunner, or Mercenary Copilot. For the most part, I see YT-1300 lists featuring a single Crew Member, usually Luke, Chewie, or Gunner- again, that's just what I've mainly seen floating around on the various forums- your mileage may vary. In any case, it's a far cry from a single astromech socket and possibly denying yourself an R2-D2, R2-F2, or one of the damage mitigating R5 models the way taking an R2 Astromech will if you stick him in an X-Wing or a Y-Wing how ever you want to slice it.

Secondly, your ship's bearing doesn't mean quite as much on a ship with a 360 degree turret for the primary weapon. If you look back to that R2 Astromech article, you'll see the main reason for taking one is the ability to do K-Turns with more options to rid yourself of the subsequent Stress Token so you're not quite as predictable. Now, I'm not saying you won't ever do a K-Turn in a YT-1300, but with the 360 arc, I have to assume you do it much less than you did using a ship with a fixed front arc, right? Long story short(er), if you're taking on Stress, it's probably from an external source or a face-up Damage card. Having the option to get that big old base away at a straight 4 could be pretty desirable if the poop's hitting the fan.

Ok, that in mind, is there any reason you shouldn't take Nien Nunb?

Not really. I mean, there's no real penalty or downside to him or his ability that's going to get you in trouble. From there, it's just the normal process of selection for listbuilding. If that single point was part of a bigger picture purchase or you're set on a build that features two other Crew Members already, then yeah, leave him at home. Also, if your X-Wing group doesn't feature those stress triggers like Kath Scarlet, or they don't exploit your relative lack of options when trying to pull a green out of stress necessity, you can probably get away with not having Nein Nunb sitting in the cockpit of your YT-1300. 

Me though? I'll be recreating the Gold Leader build from Jedi and couple him up with Lando. That's chocolate and peanut butter, baby. Jordan and Pippen. Xavi and Iniesta. Gretzky and Kurri. You get the idea.

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