22 February 2013

X-Wing Miniatures Game Storage

A topic that comes up fairly regularly on the FFG forums is how one stores his X-Wing Miniatures game. To my knowledge, there's really only one company making a specialized storage system (and it's currently only available for Wave 1 stuff), so there's a lot of re-tasked or homebrewed storage systems out there to choose from or be inspired by. 

(EDIT: Eagle-eyed Bikini Aficionado Frank has mentioned in the comments for this article that Battle Foam has a new tray insert system that will accommodate more ships and Wave 2 ships. It's a two-tray system where one tray holds a bunch of ships and the other hold your dice, cards, etc. Looks pretty sweet and he says it works well. Check it out here.)

(FURTHER EDIT: Bikini Aficionado Groznit Goregut brought to my attention via the comments on this article of a company called KR Multicase who also has an X-Wing storage product. Check it out here.

In a completely uncharacteristic moment of foresight, when I bought my first X-Wing Miniatures Core Set, I actually kept all the packaging, and by packaging, I mean all the little ziplock bags. I know, completely unlike me to save stuff like that, right? Oddly enough, while I pitched the clamshells the Expansion ships come in, I kept the bags out of those as well. And when I bought my second Core Set, yup, you guessed it, I kept those baggies too. 

I feel like I have a pretty average amount of X-Wing Miniatures stuff. I know a couple of folks who have more, I know a couple of folks who have less. In the end, if you want to try and use my storage idea, ideally you've got about the same amount of stuff that I do- much more and you're probably going to run out of room doing it my way. For a frame of reference, here's my current X-Wing Miniatures inventory- 

2 Core Sets (so 2 X-Wings and 4 TIEs)
2 X-Wing Expansions (2 more X-Wings)
1 TIE Fighter Expansion (1 more TIE)
2 TIE Advanced Expansions
1 Y-Wing Expansion
1 A-Wing Expansion (Yup! Got lucky at my Kessel Run Tournament!) 

Plus all the assorted tokens, movement wheels, do dads, and whatnots that come with all those ships. 

(And yes, I'll have to re-evaluate this system very soon upon the arrival of Wave 2. Until then though, here's some pictures of how I store and transport my X-Wing Miniatures. )

Everything that isn't ships, dice, the clear acrylic pegs, the Damage deck, the cardboard squares that go on the bases, and the upgrade cards goes back into the original Core Set box. I know not everyone's down with the Core Box, but it seemed really sturdy to me, so I wanted to continue using it if at all possible. I also dig the artwork. 

I keep the range ruler under the plastic insert. The movement templates except for the straight 4 and 5 go in the large baggie, then go into the front plastic well. The asteroids also go into a large baggie and the front well. The 4 and 5 straight go in the front well loose. All of the bases for my ships also end up in the front well. All of the other tokens go into bags separating them from each other and end up in the right side well. 

The left side well contains a baggie of my Rebel pilot cards, my Imperial pilot cards, and all the movement wheels for my ships. 

That big bag that's outside the box on the right is my "Everything" bag. I ended up with so many bags, I made a bag that has enough tokens and whatnots to cover a 100 point game with either faction- Evades, Shields, Paired Target Locks, Focuses, Stresses, you name it, it's in there. All the tokens inside are individually bagged still. I also have six sets of ship numbers in there. That Everything bag saves me a ton of time during setup. 

I can still fit the lid down on the Core Box when all this stuff is packed in, and yeah, I even put that plastic shell over the front well so nothing falls out the big hole in the front of the Core Set box. 

In addition to the Core Set box, I have a Plano-type box (I'm not sure if it's actually a Plano- it's just an old bait box I had floating around my 40k stuff for years that used to be a bitz box) that I store pretty much everything else in. 

It's not very big, but it holds all my stuff currently. Again, yes, I'll obviously need to come up with something else once Wave 2 drops and I pick up at least the Falcon (honestly, I'll probably just store and transport the Falcon and Slave I in the boxes they came in and just get a bigger Plano type box to hold all the starfighters). Although I forgot to stick it in there when I took the picture, I also keep my rulebook on top of the models in this plastic box. It keeps stuff from moving about too much and provides a little padding for when the models and stuff do move around. 

I don't carry everything from both Core Sets in the boxes. I have one Damage deck, one range ruler, and one set of movement templates that I leave at home most of the time. If I know I'm going to be teaching someone how to play, or one of my friends who hasn't bought-in yet is going to be playing, I'll stick them in. Generally though, I don't carry that stuff. 

The last bit of X-Wing kit that goes with those two things is the black piece of felt that acts as my playmat and appears in virtually all of the pictures here on TheMetalBikini.com. There's nothing particularly noteworthy about it, but it's held up quite nicely since I started using it back in October and is much better than playing on a wood-grained table top. 

Pepsi Cat not included

Folded up, it's just about the same size as the Core Set box, as you can see.

So there you have it. There are storage solutions out there that are much better and more expensive than mine, but I've been happy with how portable and sturdy everything in my system has turned out to be. It'll sound terribly dorky, but I take those three items to work with me nearly every day in a US Soccer Nike backpack along with my Samsung Chromebook and a ledger I jot down army list ideas, comedy bit dialogue, or whatever else happens to come to mind.

If I'm lucky, I manage to get some lunch hour games in here and there a couple times a month, and it's nice to actually be able to pull out models when I find somebody interested in the game who wants to know more. As it isn't that much to carry in a backpack I'm already taking to work, I figure why not, right? 


  1. Just wanted to point this out. Battlefoam has a 2nd option that came out with the first one you linked.


    Works real well

  2. Dig it, Frank! I'll update the article.

    Thanks for the heads up, pal! Looks like a nice product!

  3. KR Mulit-case also has X-wing foam. They don't have the Wave 2 options, but their Wave 1 stuff is designed to store on the stand, which makes it easier to play if already set up.


  4. Dig it man! Thanks for the heads up!

    Article edited!