20 February 2013

Maneuvering as a Formation, Part 2

This article is a continuation of an article that ran yesterday called... Maneuvering as a Formation, Part 1. Uhhh, yeah. 

When we last left our heroes (or villains if you're partial to those Rebel terrorists), they were trying to turn adjacent TIE fighters without crashing into each other. We watched as two TIEs that started out right next to each other overlap when they both attempted a 3 Bank maneuver. The question now is will they overlap if they instead perform a 3 Turn maneuver? 

Ok, so here we go. Like yesterday, don't get freaked out that I now have three TIEs on the board. I'm just illustrating that I didn't move the ships from their origin points or the template inadvertently. 

I've got two Core Sets. Might as well use both my 3 Left Turn Templates, right?

 Uh oh...

Here's a close-up-

They don't overlap by much, pretty much just the template guides/ very, very front edge of the base, but they do overlap. 

So what do you think? Will Turns and Banks of lower numbers be any different than the 3's have been? Want to find out? 

Here's pics of the rest of the equal Bank outcomes- 

2 Bank has the same result as the 3 Bank...

...As does the 1 Bank. They plainly overlap.

2 Turn, top view

2 Turn from the side. Look familiar? 

1 Turn, same deal.

Aaaaaaand again. Same result. Overlap.

This is a spot I just hate to be in as the opposing player. On the Banks, it's pretty obvious that an overlap has occurred and I don't think anyone would actually argue with you about it or try and fudge their way out of it with a little table bumping, base sliding or honest-to-God mistakes. With the Turns though, as you saw, it's very slight, and well, let's be honest, a tiny bit of table movement, template misplacement, etc. could make that slight overlap disappear.

The thing is though, now that I've performed this little experiment, I know it's there. Even if the guy on the other side of the table inadvertently or on purpose manages to move his ships without overlapping in this context, I know that two ships right next to each other cannot perform any same number Bank or Turn without overlapping. 

Of course, now it's in your head now too- just like it is mine. So when you're in the second round of the Regionals and somebody has a couple of ships right next to each other and they both pull the same number Bank, do you call them on it even if their stuff doesn't actually appear to overlap? 

All that being said, formations can't just fly in a straight line the entire game; at this point I'm wondering what friggin' turns can you make legally if the ships are right next to each other? 

Find out tomorrow in Formation Movement and Maneuvering Part 3!

No spoiler alert this time- I'm honestly not sure! 

Ha, ha- just kidding. I already took the pictures. Some pretty interesting results, and perhaps not what you were thinking. Fooled me a couple of times anyway. 

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