08 February 2013

Named Pilots- Winged Gundark

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Card: Winged Gundark (TIE Fighter) 15 Pts.
Card Text: When attacking at Range 1, you may change one of your <hit> results to a <crit>.
Ability is an Action?: No.
Excels at: Crippling ships
Quick Take: Gundark’s not bad, the knock against him is he only does anything special when his target has been stripped of shields which limits his ability. He’s only 1 point more than a Black Squadron (with +1 PR to boot), which is good because if he was any more expensive, I think folks would leave him on the shelf. As it stands though, if you can keep him alive long enough to start shooting at ships without shields, he’s totally worth it as most critical damage really, seriously affects a ship. It’s just having him be kind of less than optimal for that period of time that’s the problem.

I think Gundark’s one of those guys that people try out on a whim, and when he does kinda fair to bad a couple of games in a row, folks don’t take him again, but don’t really know why he doesn’t work all that well. He’s also a guy who seems a little better on paper than he is in real life.

This is like a whole other post in and of itself, but most successful TIE swarms overwhelm their opponent quickly by weight of fire. The longer the average Wave 1 X-Wing Miniatures game goes, the better for a Rebel player as the weight of fire drops as TIEs get destroyed. As Gundark’s ability shows up for real late in the game, he’s sorta not geared for that style of play, which limits his usefulness compared to other named pilots or the aforementioned Black Squadron Pilot who can take Elite Skills.The bad synergy comes largely from the fact that TIE swarms have to make the majority of their hay while the early game sun is shining, if you’ll allow me to mix the hell out of some metaphors. Which again, isn’t what Gundark is good for.

Elite Skills/ Upgrades: Nope.

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