01 February 2013

Named Pilots- Wedge Antilles

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Card: Wedge Antilles (X-Wing) 29 Pts.
Card Text: When attacking, reduce the defender's agility value by 1 (to a minimum of 0).
Ability is an Action?: No.
Excels at: Attacking.
Quick Take: Wedge is expensive but boasts the highest pilot ranking on the Rebel side along with a special ability that helps his offensive output outcome. As many Imperial players will attempt to remove Wedge early from the game, it’s advisable to equip him with a droid to help him stay in the game longer. Any droid can help Wedge stay alive, but perhaps the best options for the average player would be R2-F2, R5-D8, or R2-D2. See their entries for more details.
Elite Skills/ Upgrades: Wedge with Swarm Tactics is a good combo as is Squad Leader. Both of these skills play off Wedge’s high pilot skills. If a player plans on having Wedge on a flank and too far away to effectively use Swarm Tactics or Squad Leader, the rest of the Elite Talents can all help keep him alive, but honestly, I don't know that you'd need them. A lone, roving Wedge is probably better served by a droid.

As Wedge is such a bullet magnet, many people will team him up with Biggs Darklighter to a nearly automatic degree. If you equip Wedge with a droid that requires an action (R2-F2, etc.), consider flying him with Garven Dreis or Dutch Vander as they convey Focus and Target Locks respectively which should help mitigate the loss of Wedge's Action to trigger the droid's ability. Some creative use of Swarm Tactics on either of those pilots along with some available targets of opportunity and Wedge can even benefit from either of those tokens in his shooting phase. Crazy.

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