04 February 2013

Named Pilots- Luke Skywalker

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Card: Luke Skywalker (X-Wing) 29 Pts.
Card Text: When defending, you may change one <Focus> result to an <Evade> result.
Ability is an Action?: No.
Excels at: Staying Alive
Quick Take: Similar to Wedge in Pilot Rank and points cost, but fairly dissimilar in usage and application. Luke is great for players who have trouble keeping their pilots alive long enough to be effective while still being simple and straightforward to use. His ability doesn’t require an action and is in effect on every defensive roll. Adding a droid to Luke is a good way to keep him in the game even longer of course but, R2-D2 on Luke is considered overkill by most. 

Luke really shines as a ship who acts more as a force multiplier to those around him. Don’t expect him to mow down the opposition- that’s more Wedge’s job. That said, don't underestimate him either just because he doesn't statistically one-shot opposing TIEs- he is flying an X-Wing after all.

Elite Skills/ Upgrades: Luke with Swarm Tactics is a good combo for the same reason as it is good for Wedge as is Squad Leader. In my opinion, either of these skills on Luke is actually more efficient for the points than Wedge as you can plunge Luke more into the thick of the fighting and worry less about him being destroyed right off the bat than Wedge (not to mention opponents tend to key on him less). Because of that, he can worry less about enemy firing arcs and worry more about staying close to his buddies, continuing to bestow Swarm Tactics or Squad Leader.  

Don't misunderstand what I'm saying here- Skywalker can be something of a bullet magnet against a more experienced opponent or if you only have no-names for the rest of your squadron, but he's a more difficult bullet magnet to kill than Wedge and there seems to be kind of a meta vibe around Luke that he's not that great. I've had opponents put a higher priority on killing some no-name Y-Wing than Luke with Swarm Tactics. You can definitely use that to your advantage. I often pair him up with R2-F2 if I have the points as that extra die R2-F2 bestows is just one more die for me to roll a Focus result on with Luke's ability.

I've also found that flying a Rookie close enough behind Luke to benefit from Swarm Tactics in a split-deployment type setup is plenty rough enough to cause some major headaches for the other side of the table.