05 February 2013

Named PIlots- Dark Curse

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Card: Dark Curse (TIE Fighter) 16 Pts.
Card Text: When defending, ships attacking you cannot spend Focus tokens or reroll attack dice.
Ability is an Action?: No.
Excels at: Surviving
Quick Take: Remember when you first got your X-Wing Core Set and you played under the Quickstart rules? Remember how hard it was to score hits on a ship, let alone kill one because the Action phase was omitted from the game and you couldn't Focus your rolls? Dark Curse is sorta like that.

Does Marksmanship, Proton Torpedoes, etc. still work on him? Yeah, sure. Anything that automatically changes a die without rolling will still do a number on Dark Curse, but not all ships carry those types of upgrades and if you can keep Dark Curse away from them, he’s a pretty tough nut to crack. As you should always be performing Evades unless you’re Barrel Rolling, try to fly him near Howlrunner to get an attack buff or near somebody with Squad Leader. His damage output isn’t as great as some of the other named pilot TIEs, but he’s hard to kill and if you can make him a particularly annoying thorn in the opponent’s side, they’ll waste time, Actions, and attack dice trying to kill him instead of other more important or dangerous ships like Vader or Howlrunner.
Elite Skills/ Upgrades: None.

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