05 February 2013

Named Pilots- Biggs Darklighter

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Card: Biggs Darklighter (X-Wing) 25 pts.
Card Text: Other friendly ships at Range 1 cannot be targeted by attacks if the attacker could target you instead
Ability is an Action?: No.
Excels at: Tanking for more valuable ships, disrupting enemy plans
Quick Take: Biggs is a choice for a more advanced player of X-Wing as the effect of his special ability can be quite dangerous in the hands of someone who doesn’t understand how to use him properly. Not for beginners, definitely, but great for drawing heat away from Wedge especially or other named pilots who get keyed on for their special abilities. Also great to pull out on veteran players who have established game plans and tactics from which they rarely deviate- Biggs can be a game-changer in that regard. Just don’t fly him right down the middle into a swarm of TIEs, roll him down a flank and cheat in to take away shots that would otherwise be focusing on other ships. 

Elite Skills/ Upgrades: Obviously any droid that mitigates damage, but which one? Ideally, if you feel can control/ limit the attacks against Biggs through effective movement, I think R2-D2 is the way to go as just by doing green maneuvers you'll gain back a shield every turn. If you'd rather spend Biggs' movement phase considering how best to kite the Imperials fire away from another Rebel Pilot, R5-D8 might be the better choice, as he can get rid of the face down damage cards you're likely to pile up. Just remember the droid's ability is an Action where R2-D2's is just a free thing that happens. It really just boils down to your playstyle and what works for you. If you want to play Biggs somewhat offensively where he'll be using his Actions on Target Locks and Focuses, then you should probably go for R2-D2. If you're playing him solely as a bullet magnet, by all means, take R5-D8.

Biggs does not have access to Elite Skills, so the rest is a moot point.

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