21 February 2013

Maneuvering as a Formation, Part 3

This post is yet another installment in a series of articles called Maneuvering as a Formation. Here's a link to Part the First, and the Second Part

Yesterday and the day before were all about what moves to not make when it came to flying in a tight formation where upon examination we realized with the assistance of my wife's super-nice Canon DSLR that you can't make equal numbered Turns or Banks with ships that start out 100% adjacent to each other. Today we'll talk about what moves actually don't end in overlaps and therefore Action robbing collisions. 

So let's check out some more moves! First up- Turns. I want to get 3 Turns out of the way first and since we know what happens if we do double 3 Turns, let's look at what happens when the outside ship pulls a 2 Turn and the inside ship pulls a 3 Turn. 

Oh, that's right out. No good. 

Ok, moving on. Let's switch those templates and try the reverse- the outside ship pulling a 3 Turn and the inside ship pulling a 2 Turn. 

Friggin' finally! Now we're getting somewhere! In the first time of the history of this blog, two ships Turned and didn't crash into each other! Holy Mackerel!

So we've covered 3-2 and 2-3, let's try a ship on the outside Turning 3 and an inside ship Turning 1. Should be cool, right? 

Oh fo' sho'. No problem there at all either. Let's try a 1-3 and finish off the 3 Turn permutations. 

Smooth like Colt .45. 

At this point we can probably make some pretty valid assumptions about how to make Turns of differing values work, but since I went to the trouble to take all these pictures and upload them to Picasa, humor me and we'll see how this plays out. Next up, a 2-1. 

Ok, so a 2 Turn for the outside is cool with a 1 Turn for the inside. We already did a 2 Turn outside with a 3 Turn inside (wasn't cool- scroll back up if you already forgot that result and consider seeing a doctor about increasing your ADD meds), so let's switch them and see if a 1-2 nets the same results as a 2-3 did. 

Same results- overlap. 

Right. So that's it for turns. Here's a handy summary of the above- 

(Where ships are adjacent and Turning Left)

2-3 Overlap
3-2 Safe
3-1 Safe
1-3 Safe
2-1 Safe
1-2 Overlap

Want to place any bets on Banks? 

Same deal- let's go through the various permutations starting with the 3 Banks. I'll go in the same order as I did with the turns so I don't go completely crazy here trying to keep this straight. 

First up we've got 2 Bank outside, 3 Bank inside. 

They're really, really, REALLY close, but it's a valid move- no overlap. 

Let's flip the templates. Now we're looking at a 3-2. 

Oh yeah! No problem there whatsoever! Two for Two! I spelled that out so nobody would think I was talking about a 2-2 which we already covered the other day. I'm serious. And by nobody I mean me, primarily, for when I go back over this and proofread it later. 

All right, next on the list is a 3 Bank outside, 1 Bank inside. 

Not a care in the world, those two. They're just rollin'. 

Switch templates to a 1-3. 

Ditto for these moves. All good. 

Last set of moves starts off with a 2 Bank on the outside and a 1 Bank on the inside. 

No problemo. Hasta la vista... baby. 

Switch templates to a 1-2. 

Damn right it was a good day.

Bank summary time- 

(Where ships are adjacent and Turning Left)

2-3 Safe
3-2 Safe
3-1 Safe
1-3 Safe
2-1 Safe
1-2 Safe

I'll admit it- maybe it's the kids waking up in the middle of the night the past couple weeks and depriving me of sleep, maybe it's the fact that I kind of just decided to mitigate the whole formation thing all together in my own game by spreading my ships out and forget about playing adjacent or even close to it, but I thought a couple of the Banks would surely result in collisions. Color me surprised. 

And no. No, no, no. No way in hell am I gonna make a Color Me Badd joke and/ or link there. I never liked those guys. They always sounded flat as pancakes to me. Esepcially the one with the curly hair and the fivehead. I tripped out when I saw a picture of English Welsh National Treasure and Manchester United poster boy Ryan Giggs back in the day because they looked alike and it was around the same time (1991-ish). 



Anyway, to summarize all three parts of this Maneuvering as a Formation business in a concise way, consult the following numbered list- 

1. You can make any Bank or Turn with two ships adjacent to you at the same number so long as you don't mind overlapping, colliding, and losing an Action. In other words, don't do that. It's bad and people will make fun of you. 

2. You do not talk about Fight Club.

3. Banks with adjacent ships, so long as they're not performed at the same number, are all good, all day

4. Turning adjacent ships is acceptable so long as you don't Turn at the same number or sequential numbers where the lower number is the outside ship and the higher number is the inside ship. 

5. Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother. 

In all seriousness, I'd been meaning to research this ever since the Kessel Run Tournament when I kept crashing my ships into my other ships but I watched Swarm after Swarm just casually maneuver three adjacent ships around the entire game. I was like George Costanza and they were like Jason Hanky: they were scattin' and beboppin' and I was losin' it.

I thought to myself, "Y'know, when I get home, I'm going to break out the templates and see if you really can make those moves, because I swear I'm making the same moves, but I'm crashing into myself left and right." 

Of course, then I forgot about it for what, two months? Ah well. Better late than never.  


  1. Hola mate! I was wondering if mayhap you could see how far apart the ships need to be to pull off some of those turns/banks that would overlap if the ships are right there side by side.

    And not to be nitpicky, but Giggsy is a WELSH national treasure :).

  2. Lols! My bad! Forgot all about Giggs being Welsh the commentators go on about him so...

    I'd considered doing a "safe distance" maneuvering article, but then the Wave 2 announcement hit and I started working on articles for that instead. It's something I'd like to come back to though. I don't like having a how not to do something article without also saying how to do it. Good call!

  3. Cool. Thanks man! Once again, this blog rocks.