13 February 2013

Droids- R2-F2

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Card: R2-F2 (3)
Card Text: Increase your agility value by 1 until the end of this game round.
Usage in game: Survival through stacking the deck.
Action?: Yes

Quick Take: For my own personal playstyle and taste, R2-F2 is the droid to have on a ship you're trying to keep in the game in Wave 1. Strange as it may seem as Luke and R2-D2 have this father/ robot son relationship kind of thing going on, I think R2-F2 is the best match for Luke in just about any build. Recall that Luke already has kind of a built-in Focus lite ability, spending an Action on R2-F2's ability just adds one more die to that possibility.

He also adds an interesting dimension to a Y-Wing as everyone is completely used to the notion of a Y-Wing having 1 Agility and you're sure to disrupt some game plans by using the Action and it suddenly has 2 Agility (to go along with the 3 shields and 5 hull).

The cons are obvious- he costs 3 points and requires an Action to work. The three points I don't feel is a bad price to pay for having the option of adding an extra defense die when you want it, and giving up an Action on an X-Wing isn't the end of the world. Again, you're only ever Focusing or Target Locking with most pilots anyway, so if losing those tokens is a big deal to you, try to work in Garven Dreis or Dutch Vander, respectively. Also note that R2-F2 is a "dotted" card which of course means he may only appear once in your squadron list.

Me personally, I don't find it's usually necessary because I don't usually activate R2-F2 every single round. There are some that might say that's a points inefficiency, but I usually have a handful of points lying around extra when making a 100 point list anyway, so rather than sticking on Proton Torpedoes or a droid for a pilot who probably doesn't really need him/ utilize him, I'll just use R2-F2 instead.

The last thing I'd mention about R2-F2 is figure out a system to help you remember you need to perform his action or that you've performed his action. As he doesn't have a special counter, sometimes he can get lost in the mix. I usually just turn his card sideways next to the owning pilot's card.

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