18 February 2013

2013 X-Wing Regionals Venues Announced!

Friday or Saturday, the dates and locations of the 2013 X-Wing Regionals were announced on the FFG site. If you've not seen the big list, click here.

Are you planning on going? Will you continue to roll Wave 1 stuff and go with what you know, throw it all out the window and play strictly Wave 2, or try and hybridize Wave 1 stuff with Wave 2 stuff? 

Not sure which one I'll be hitting yet as I'm hoping a few friends attend with me, but it'll almost certainly be one of the Indianapolis, IN regionals, but there's an outside chance I may hit Edwardsville, IL, Louisville, KY, or Cincinnati, OH if none of my buddies are down for going along. 

No idea what kind of list I'll be running, but probably a mix of Wave 1 and Wave 2 stuff, just to make it interesting. Most likely will run the Falcon on principle though I'm a Guard player at heart- I really, really, really have a hard time talking myself into the "few elite models" over "hordes of average to crappy models", so you just never know! :)


  1. How do you run a regional game? My local store probably would

  2. There was a signup period back there in January.

    Basically, the store would fill out an application then send it to FFG who would then approve or deny it. If the store was approved, they had to pay like, $125 I think which would get them prize support and some promotional items (banners, posters, etc. to advertise the event).