18 February 2013

2013 X-Wing Regionals Venues Announced!

Friday or Saturday, the dates and locations of the 2013 X-Wing Regionals were announced on the FFG site. If you've not seen the big list, click here.

Are you planning on going? Will you continue to roll Wave 1 stuff and go with what you know, throw it all out the window and play strictly Wave 2, or try and hybridize Wave 1 stuff with Wave 2 stuff? 

Not sure which one I'll be hitting yet as I'm hoping a few friends attend with me, but it'll almost certainly be one of the Indianapolis, IN regionals, but there's an outside chance I may hit Edwardsville, IL, Louisville, KY, or Cincinnati, OH if none of my buddies are down for going along. 

No idea what kind of list I'll be running, but probably a mix of Wave 1 and Wave 2 stuff, just to make it interesting. Most likely will run the Falcon on principle though I'm a Guard player at heart- I really, really, really have a hard time talking myself into the "few elite models" over "hordes of average to crappy models", so you just never know! :)