31 January 2013

Elite Pilot Skills- Marksmanship

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Marksmanship (3)
Card Text: When attacking this round, you may change one of your <eyeball> results to a <crit> and all of your other <eyeball> results to <hits>.
Usage in game: Similar to Focus, but automatically bestows a Crit result instead of just hits.
Action?: Yes

At a glance, this is basically paying 3 points for a Focus Action, but one of the eyeballs you rolled becomes a crit instead of just a hit. This is fairly significant in and of itself as crits can be pretty nasty and of course, often have an ongoing effect that really screws up the victim’s day. All that said, bear in mind that if you’re shooting at somebody who still has shields, this ability will do absolutely nothing for you a Focus wouldn’t as crits have no different effect than hits on shields.

Digging deeper, the use I see for Marksmanship is stacking with a Target Lock, where you can re-roll the results you want, regardless of what they are. Of course, as Marksmanship is an action, you’d need to have the TL from a previous round. If you’ve got one though, you could use Marksmanship with Proton Torpedoes and you’re practically assured of registering all hits and at least one crit. It’d also go nicely with Concussion Missiles as Marksmanship switches <eyeball> results and Concussion Missiles already has a built-in rule to change a <blank> result to a hit. Again though, kind of a waste on ships with shields left.

The thing that jumps out at me is you need kind of a lot of variables to be in conjunction contextually for this to work well enough to 1) make you take it over the more versatile Focus Action and 2) feel like you got your points worth. This is one of those cards I look at and wonder if it’s true value isn’t more apparent once Wave 2 has dropped. Otherwise, unless you’re just so much better at movement/ maneuvering than your opponent that you find yourself behind him all the time and wish you had a Focus action with more pop, I can’t see actually paying for Marksmanship over the free and available to every ship Focus.

That said, a case could be make for giving Skywalker Marksmanship as his special ability is kind of a Focus-lite that only works on defense.


  1. What about Maarek Stele and Cluster Missiles? Yes, it's best to use on someone with no shields, but two attacks with 3 attack die is nice, especially on a Y-Wing. Add in Maarek's ability to make all criticals use the best of 3 cards makes it quite potent. The points can get a better Darth Vader, but still a nice little combo for that time when it really counts.

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  3. I actually talk about the Stele + Cluster Missiles combo in the upcoming Named Pilots- Maarek Stele article.

    Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag a couple days early, dude. Sheesh.