29 January 2013

Elite Pilot Skills- Determination

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Determination (1)
Card Text: When you are dealt a face up card with the Pilot trait, discard it immediately without resolving its effects.
Usage in game: This card is pretty specific in its usage, but as it only costs 1 point, it’s still not a bad deal.
Action?: No.

First, the face up card referenced in the card text is, in plain speak, a Critical Damage result. If you haven’t noticed, there’s only one crit marked on the standard attack die although there are several pilots with special abilities that allow them to bestow crits in various ways. In any case, should you be unlucky enough to be the recipient of a crit, if the result is a Pilot damage trait (8 out of 33 total Damage cards), it goes away like it never happened. Is that statistically likely to happen? No. Is it worth 1 point to totally ruin your opponent's day if it does? Maybe. I have been known to throw it on the random pilot from time to time in situations like that.

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