29 November 2016

Wave 10 Incoming??

Hi X-Wing aficionados -

Nic here -

Recently FFG has dropped one the U-Wing preview. As usual they provide all types of fun goodies throughout the article with some helpful hints on future squad building with these lists.

However, some of us have been guessing as to when these ships will get released. Many speculations have arise that it should be before Rogue One's release on December 16th similar to how the T-70 X-Wing and TIE/fo was released.

After carefully reading the article, this little bit of information popped out:

"But even before the movie makes its way to the theaters, you'll have the chance to bring these heroes to your tabletop and fly them to battle aboard the new U-wing from the new X-Wing™ U-wing Expansion Pack!"

Based on the above information, we will either have Wave 10 fully released before December 16th (a measly 18ish days away) or we will just get the U-Boat (umm I mean U-Wing) and maybe the TIE striker before then. Either scenario would make sense, however, all of the ships are currently still shipping per FFG's website.

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