11 July 2016

Wave 9 Announced - Alliance Overhaul

I didn't notice this one until a bit late in the day, ( Pokemon Go has kept me busy. Gotta get them all! Sorry I forgot this was an x-wing blog ) .  Wave 9 was announced by FFG today.  The terrorists (I mean rebels) get a new ship, the ARC-170.   The ship has some interesting concepts.  1) The first ship for the rebels that get a aux fire arc on a small base.  2) It looks like the ship only comes with unique pilots - no generics for you = no swarms.  3) You can have both a crew upgrade and an astromech upgrade at the same time.  This should make some interesting combinations. 

You can look at the FFG Release Page, just remember it's gonna be a while before it gets shipped.

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