12 July 2016

The Rules have changed, The Rules have changed !!!

The X-Wing Tournament rules have been updated today (7-12-16).  The new rule information can be found here.

As I take a break from pokemon go and a super important project that I need to have finished by tomorrow at 9am, a quick peruse ( man! I am starting to sound like Nic and his Phd words) shows the following changes:

Leader Participation - The Nic stop TOing and Playing Rule ;-)
A leader may participate in a Relaxed tier tournament for which he or she is responsible only if
there is a second leader present. The second leader must be announced at the beginning of the
tournament and is responsible for all rulings for games in which the first leader is playing. If two
leaders play one another, the marshal is responsible for any rulings during the game.
During Formal and Premier tier tournaments, leaders cannot participate. Leaders for Formal
and Premier tournaments are expected to commit their full attention to organizing and
overseeing the event.

Sharing Components - I am not sharing my stuff ;-)
Before or during a tournament round, any player may request that a single range ruler, set of
maneuver templates, and/or set of dice be shared for the duration of the round. Any decisions are
subject to review by a marshal or a judge.
The marshal may mandate that players must share a single range ruler, set of maneuver
templates, and/or set of dice during a round.

Players may mark their asteroids, debris fields, and bomb tokens to indicate ownership,
but cannot otherwise alter them in any way.

Lost and Damaged Components - I can make special proxy cards now !!!! hehehehehehehe
If a player loses a component during a tournament, he or she has an opportunity to find a
replacement, if necessary. Any player that discovers they are missing an essential component at
the beginning of or during a round should notify a leader. The leader will give the player a short
time extension to their game in order to find a replacement. If the player cannot find a
replacement within that time, they must concede the game. If the player is unable to find a
replacement by the start of the next round, they should be removed from the tournament.
If an essential component becomes damaged during the course of a tournament, he or she has an
opportunity to find a replacement. If the player cannot find a replacement, the damaged
component is treated as lost unless it falls within one of the following categories.
• Damaged Card: The player keeps the original card near the rest of his or her squad and
uses a proxy card in its place for the remainder of the tournament. A leader will create the
proxy, including the card name, any information that is no longer legible or available on the
damaged card, the name of the leader who created it, and the date it was created.
• Damaged Ship Model or Connection: The model, in its damaged state, does not impede
the progress of play and abides by the rules under “Component Modifications” on page 7.
If the model does impede play, the player keeps the model near the rest of his or her squad
for the remainder of the tournament.
• Damaged Dice, Range Ruler, or Maneuver Template: The player keeps the original
component near the rest of his or her squad and requests to share his or her opponent’s
component for each remaining round of the tournament.

Legal Products  - Woot!  We can use the templates that we created in tournaments !!!!!!
Players must use only official Star Wars: X-Wing™ Miniatures Game components in tournament
play, with the following exceptions for third-party components:
• Tokens other than obstacles and bombs
• Range rulers that match the dimensions of an official range ruler or a particular section of
an official range ruler
• Movement templates that match the dimensions of official maneuver templates

Taking Notes and Outside Material - Weird but ok
Players cannot take notes or reference outside material or information during a tournament round.
However, players may reference official rule documents or game components that do not contain
hidden information at any time or ask a judge for clarification from official rule documents. Official
rule documents include all rules documents available on the X-Wing page of our website, those
found in an X-Wing product, or any portion thereof.

Tournament Round Times - The final game is not unlimited any more !!!!!
Each tournament round of X-Wing is a predetermined length, giving players a certain amount of
time to complete their games. A leader should start the timer for a tournament round after most
players have found their seats and begun to set up. If a game has not concluded when the time for
a tournament round runs out, the players finish the current game round and then calculate their
scores (see “End of Round” on page 14). A tournament round’s length varies depending on the
type of round.
• Swiss Rounds: 75 minutes each
• Single Elimination Rounds (except Final): 75 minutes each
• Final Single Elimination Round: 120 minutes

Final Salvo - No More Ties - Games end in the final countdown (I mean Salvo )
If both players have the same score at the end of a game, they must fire a Final Salvo to
determine the winner. To fire a Final Salvo, each player adds together the printed, unmodified
primary weapon value of his or her remaining, undestroyed ships and rolls attack dice equal to
that number. The player who rolls the highest total number of combined hits and critical hits
wins the game. If both players roll an equal number hits and critical hits, they roll again until a
winner is determined.
If a game ends in mutual destruction, each player adds together the printed, unmodified primary
weapon value of all ships in his or her squad.

Relaxed Game - The let's just have fun rule
Rules are to be followed, but corrections are centered on educating players rather
than disciplinary action. The focus is on creating a fun and friendly environment.

Formal Game - You know better than to do that rule
Rules are enforced, and penalties for more severe infractions are levied when
appropriate. The focus is a friendly competitive environment.

Premier Game - I will smite you with Thor's Hammer for breaking the rules rule
Game and tournament rules are vigilantly enforced with an emphasis on
maintaining the event’s integrity. The focus is on a competitive and fair environment.

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