19 June 2016

Ship StorRAGE

So, now you have awesome collection of Imperial Ships (or in Nic's case a bunch of weak traitor ships - especially that Ghost thingie in bowling ball form), how do your store your preciouses? That has been something that I have been trying to figure out for a while. I started with a simple accountant box with one battlefoam to hold my collection. As well as my plano case to hold all the tokens, and the other bits and bobs.

 My collection has grown and I need a better solution without costing an arm and a leg.

Let's review the solutions that our group and I  have discovered. Hopefully some of this will help you avoid some storage issues and mistakes.

Please note that even though this site has sponsors, our review is bias free (ok, almost bias free, after all I'm just a wookie)

Solution 1 - Padded Camera/Gun Case and pluck foam ($50 - $100)

This is one of Nic's solutions. Most office supply stores have a version of it.  Prices can very between $50 - $200 depending on what you find out there. Nic's exact case can be found here. The "pluck foam" used to store the ships in the case are from one of our sponsors and can be found here.  We find the price very good (about $8), however, you have to make the compartments yourself by removing the foam, unlike a foam tray from Battlefoam which is already to go.  However you pay for them being ready to go.  The battlefoam trays are more expensive ($14+). Nic has all of his tokens, dials, and such within a harbor freight compartment storage container. His cards are in sleeves within two simple three ring binders. All of these fit within the case (two storage containers, custom template holder, three one inch pluck foam stacked on top of each other, one 4 inc pluck foam positioned horizontally, and two 3-ring binders vertically)

4 Inch pluck foam to fit a few larger 

Both are 1 inch foam that hold most of my Rebel and Imperial fleets

Solution 2 - Husky Box (around $30 - $40)

This solution came from a member of the Florida/Georgia X-Wing Group ( yes, Nic and I live very close to the border).  He uses a husky box that was found at Home Depot (Dear Home Depot, send us some money) and he purchased it for about $25.  Here are the details from his explanation:

"So the big Husky I have two of; one for ships and one for everything else (upgrade cards, pilot cards, tokens, dials, bases, pegs, etc). In the top of the first box you I have the upgrade cards aligned to the left in alphabetical order. The other containers hold various other things like dice, rock/scrap, etc. The long space in the front holds maneuver templates. In the bottom of this container I have my large and small bases, pegs, large pilot cardboard, pilot cards and tokens. The pilot cards are in a Dragon Shield long storage deck box (sound $8 at your LGS). The tokens are in the stackable screw containers. You can get them at Hobby Lobby or Michaels but I got a set of 6 at Joann's for $9.99. The clear box you see inside this container hold my dials, bomb tokens, and small pilot cardboard). You can get those at your local Walmart."

Look how nicely those ships fit within the little boxes? I like it! However, I do prefer a bit more padding to protect those tiny breakable S-foils.

Solution 3 - Feldherr Maxi Case ($69)

This is actually the solution I ended up with.  The price ($69) was right and included the foam ( they say it holds "Decimator, Lambda Shuttle, 50 Ships" ) as well as a bag to carry most of my stuff with.  The pilot cards, upgrades, and the dials / tokens.  I am still using my 3 ring binder with baseball card holders for the pilots and business card holders for the upgrade cards.  My plano case has the bits and bobs.

Solution 4 - Battlefoam Case ($50+ - Usually does not include the foam)

This is probably the most of expensive solution of the list, but it is the most easiest solution to get and you also get to support your local game store (you know the place that usually let you play for free and has the tournaments with the fancy lootz).  This was out of my price range so I didn't explore this option to much, however, it seems to be around $20-$30 per foam insert! Yikes!

So there you go, the solutions I looked at and the final solution (that sounds really really bad) that I purchased.  Anybody else have a solutions that I missed?  or something else I should get as a tourney box or something?  or am I full of crap?  Drop us a line...

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