24 June 2016

Beat the Heat: A casual X-Wing Tournament at Galactic Comics and Games

Greetings and salutations fellow nerds and nerdettes!

Nic here -

Summer is in full swing down in Southern Georgia with the weather giving us a lovely heat index of approximately 105 degrees. Being from California originally, I tend to hibernate indoors each summer as my pale skin burns immediately upon venturing to the great outdoors.

Anyways - coming up TMB is hosting a casual X-Wing tournament at Galactic Comics and Games in Statesboro, Georgia on July 9th (For event details click here). The format for the event is as follows:

Each player must bring 2x100 point or less lists.

Lists must be unique and as such cannot share or contain unique pilots or upgrades cards within both lists (E.g. List A has Soontir + Push the Limit and Omicron Pilot + Palpatine, List B may not have Soontir or Palpatine but may have a Omicron Pilot and PTL).

Each list must contain at the minimum a single unique pilot or upgrade card.

Your opponent will have access to review the lists prior to the match.

Each opponent will choose the list that they wish to fly against.

The initial choosing player will be determined with a pre-game dice roll between opponents (initiative bids will not play a role in this process but will effect normal deployment).

As of now, it is a $10 buy in for the tournament and the prizes should be the following:

Pending the amount of players, the tournament will run by standard FFG rules (4 rounds follow by a cut to the top). Imperial Veterans is 100% legal and encouraged for this tournament.

Sounds fun right? This tournament format is intended to push players to expand their horizons and become creative with list building as the tournament requires each list to contain a single unique pilot or upgrade card.

As most of you read from our previous post, I am currently bored with Palp Aces. In the last four tournaments I have participated in, I observed that at least 60% of lists entered contained a variant of Palp Aces. Now this is not a bad thing, because in order to fly Palp Aces correctly requires a great deal of skill as a pilot, it does become a vapid. As such, this format allows for those who do not want to play against Palp Aces an opportunity to choose your opponents alternative list as you cannot have Palp in each list. In addition, it is the hope that this format will encourage some new players to come on out and they will not have to own a Raider in order to be competitive.

Now I would laugh if someone brings two or three u-boats and Palp Aces (both top meta lists currently) but hey at least you get to choose which one to face right?  (Nic, why are you in a my head?  I had thought about that ;-) --Jeb )

Come on out and beat the heat folks!

Hope you can come on by!

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