23 May 2016

The art of defending the Cannon Ball - A hilarious counter to one of the jankiest lists in the galaxy

Friends, countrymen, comrades - lend me your ear!

Nic here - We are about to conclude our most recent X-Wing league and a few of us have officially dubbed a certain special list as the most jankiest list in the galaxy or meta or whatever. This is typically seen in some form of the following:

Chopper - Accuracy Corrector, Autoblaster Turret, Zeb, Tactician, Tactical Jammer, Ghost Title
Ezra - Push the Limit, Autoblaster Turret, Hera, Phantom Title
Biggs - R3-A2, Integrated Astromech

Or (the more common of the two)

Kanan - Accuracy Corrector, Autoblaster Turret, Zeb, Recon Specialist, Tactical Jammer, Ghost Title
Ezra - Rage, Autoblaster Turret, Chopper, Phantom Title
Biggs - R2-D2, Integrated Astromech

So why is this the jankiest list in the galaxy? Range 1 = 4 damage. How does this work? Accuracy Corrector paired with Autoblaster and a docked attack shuttle.

Essentially, this is a great pairing and does a decent number of damage on enemy ships at range 1. Ok who am I kidding!!! It does a freaking ton of damage that CANNOT BE CANCELED (attack with autoblaster and use accuracy corrector = 2 hits that cannot canceled by defense dice; now do it again at the end of the combat phase). Pair that with Biggs and you have a bit of a nightmare on your hands as your enemy must attack Biggs if he is in range. This saves the Ghost some damage and can allow him to survive for a bit longer (as we all know can turn the tide in a game).

Now a good Palp Aces can rock this list if they stay at range 3, or a three contracted scouts, however, you can get owned so fast with a swarm or Bossk lists. Why you ask? Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a TIE (I mean time) I flew a crack swarm of six TIEs (Howlrunner w/crack shot, 2x Omega Squadron Pilots w/crack shot, 3x Black Squadron w/crack shot) against Chopper Ghost list. I lost a TIE per round. Now granted my opponent had fantastic dice at range 3 early on and killed a TIE, but then Ghost got close and was able to kill two TIEs in one round. Before I even stripped the shields off Biggs I had lost half my list.

So I then ran away and was able to run time out and half Ghost but I still lost.

At the end of that game I felt a feeling I have not felt in a while. Fear, anger, hatred, and suffering (oh Master Yoda I let you down!). So what did I do? Run my own variant the following week and owned my opponent 100-0. Then I just felt dirty (watch the video..trust me).

In response to this list, Jeb attempted to come up with a janky list to beat the jank that will also piss people off and maybe just maybe beat the Kanan Ball (hahahah I am so funny at times) list.

It goes a little something like this:

Epsilon Leader - Comm Relay, Stealth Device
Omicron Group Pilot - Advanced Sensors, Tactical Jammer
Omicron Group Pilot - Advanced Sensors, Tactical Jammer
Omicron Group Pilot - Advanced Sensors, Tactical Jammer

And how is this a good list?? Well it is not to be honest but it is funny as heck and allows you to turtle in a corner. Move the shuttles (0) and Epsilon Leader removes stress from each shuttle so they can continue to do this all game long while Epsilon Leader bumps and stays behind the blockade. Observe the visual below:
Figure 1: Ghost and Biggs set up across of three shuttles and Epsilon Leader. Note the asteroid placement. This could force your opponent to take fire in a wide arc and potentially give you an extra evade dice for an obstructed shot.

Figure 2: Notice the nice arc set up for the shuttles

Figure 3: After a k-turn and two hard rights for epsilon leader you have your blockade with a relatively nice firing arc.

At this point, you have to force your opponent to come to you and you give Epsilon Leader an additional 1-2 evade dice per round (Tactical Jammer and Asteroid). If done correctly you can give yourself modifiable shots with a decent amount of the board within arc. Now, the funny thing about this list is it legal in tournament play (although as a TO I might get pissed off to see a flying fortress like this) and I have observed variants of this at tournaments. Can you win against many lists? NO! But I found it hilarious and again we tried to counter the Ghost.

In the end, I was still able to fit in the blind spot and do work and destroy Jeb's jank. It seems like it could work in theory, but we have to play test it a bit more.

Figure 4: Ghost owning fools

Anywho...sounds fun right?? Cannon ball list is highly competitive and fun to play but still janky as jank can get. You might disagree with me and that is fine. I still felt dirty playing it...so now enjoy some kids falling into mud to break the awkward silence or your desire to rant and rave.

What would you recommend altering or changing this list to counter the Cannon Ball? How would you change the Shuttle fortress of jank? 

(Jeb Here) - There is another version of the list to try ;-)  As Nic trashed the first attempt, there has been a revision.  However, it is super secret right now and all I can say is it involves a tractor beam. 

Peace and have fun with your jank.

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