22 May 2016

Curled Paw Creatives - Custom X-Wing Accessories

Howdy folks!

Nic here - our local store has expanded our X-Wing scene a bit and I found myself running short on X-Wing prizes and the like. After noticing what some of the Nova Squadron folks did for the Stele Open prizes I got an idea. Maybe our store can also have custom sweet acrylics that make us ooh and aahh (that got awkward fast). In addition, I thought it was time to have some acrylic token and templates that made me look like I might be a better player than I a really am - to clarify, we all know those guys that show up to our tournaments with every type of acrylic token ever made by FFG and/or use challenge coins as shields. When those folks show up and I get paired against them I just ask for an Intentional Draw and move on with my life. As such, if I want to be one of those guys that make all the players tremble, one must fake it until you make it. Can I get an amen?

Anywhos...back to the custom acrylic stuff.

The folks over at Curled Paw Creatives made us some amazing custom tokens and maneuver templates. Andrew (the store owner) was easy to work with, responsive, and very courteous (I sound like an infomercial). He even was helpful with my lack of knowledge regarding how to get our custom local store's logo onto the templates. Here are some of the final products:

Shield, Focus, Target Lock and Stress Tokens.

Yes, on the occasion I fly dual Trannies.

G-Man Custom Logo on the three bank maneuver template. Notice the three lines?? Yes on each speed you have lines. Attention to detail folks, serious attention to detail.

Up close G-Man logo (Galactic Comics and Games Logo).

One Straight and Target Lock.

Tranny using a custom three hard template (ehhhehhhamammmm, that's what she said).

Some TIE/fo's going fast!

Nothing special here but I thought I would show you my two trannies and hot date shoosting some imps.

Biggs had to be removed from the board to make room for a palp shuttle, so I used my custom 1 straight template that has a super nice cutouts for the nubs on the ship bases to mark his location and orientation on the board. Again, quality work Andrew and nice attention to detail.

More logo.

Kanan says "I approve the use of these custom templates as I deal out unblock able damage with my auto turret".

Range Ruler - a bit difficult to see but can you see the range bars?

Tokens: From left to right - Shields, Focus, Evade, Stress - Bottom middle - Custom Target Lock.

Overall, very nice products! Thanks Andrew and the Curled Paw Creatives team!

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