13 April 2016

Twitch Tuesday with Aaron Utley

Hi Folks!

Due to our recent post regarding Intentional Draws (ID), Jeb and I thought this was a timely and appropriate twitch stream (and now a recorded YouTube video) that allows us to hear from those that partook in an ID themselves.

Check out the 4th episode of Twitch Tuesday with Aaron Utely, if you want to learn more about this controversial topic and why those folks did what they did over at the 2016 Roanoke Regional tournament.

TMB DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible nor liable for you breaking your computer screen, iPad, smart phone, or whatever by your reactions to these fine gents explanations about ID.

If your interested in 2016 Roanoke Regional action, check out his YouTube page, Stele Enterprises.

So long, farewell, avidazen, goodnight! 

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