15 April 2016

Say what??? Intentional Draw announcement?

Well folks...FFG has answered (kinda)!

However, we will all have to wait until Monday to get the full understanding.

Any guesses? I am looking into crystal ball and I see the following words:

"We understand that many players are upset with the newly instated intentional draw (ID) rule, however, it is a great rule and we love it! We play tested the heck out of it with some of our top players and it is working within the scope of the design. Yet we felt it was missing something, so we have updated the scoring structure of the game to accommodate a more balance approach to IDs in higher level play. Please find the following updated point structure:

Match Win = 6 points
Match Loss = -6 points
Modified Win = 1 point
Modified Loss = -1 point
Intentional Draw = 5 points

We hope that this new scoring structure will encourage the use at all levels of play. Best of luck and keep flying! - with love from Frank"

Peace out
Nic and Jeb

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