03 March 2016

TMB First Ever Podcast - Meta, Meta, Meta.

Greetings and salutations comrades!

Nic here. I hope that you all enjoyed our recent announcement post. I mean let's be serious, who does't like reading a blog post about X-Wing that has zero content about X-Wing. So far we are off to a great start, am I right?

Well hopefully this article should assuage (Nic sometimes uses big words. Here's a helpful link for our readers --(From Russia with Love, Jeb) or massage some of those concerns.

Recently I came across a fantastic site that records current meta play throughout the world. Now I am not entirely sure on how they collected the data (my initial reaction is vassal tournaments and user/viewer posts), however it was incredible efficient in describing the current meta.

Here is the particular site: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/time_series

 It is extremely interesting to see the growth patterns of X-Wing Miniatures game (now this data is only tracked starting in 2014, not from 2012 when the game was originally released but maybe we can begin to frame the trends). We have grown as a community from 5 thousand players to well over 50 thousand, with a huge spike in popularity when...can you guess it? The release of STAR WARS EPISODE 7: A New Hope redone but with a bigger death star like thing and better acting. Just kidding. I actually enjoyed the movie tremendously and I am pandering to the alternative viewers who disliked the move tremendously.

 Anyways...... Take a look at the site listed above! It is rather interesting for those of you who are interested in trends and numbers.

Now, I promised myself that this post would be brief (so much for that Nic........). We have completed and posted our first ever podcast!


 In this podcast or youtube video for that matter we introduce ourselves, discuss current meta trends (store vs current local vs national) in X-Wing. Now be kind people, this is our first time doing this. We decided to include our faces so you can get to know your local bartenders a bit more personally (and because I am apparently absolutely useless at doing video editing). That being said, no I did not grow a tail spontaneously at the end of the podcast and yes I know my internet connect at home sucks. Working on it. Gesssshhhhhh. Sometimes I just want to live in Korea (south not north, although that might be fun) just for the internet accessibility.

 Here are a few things that we are looking for in terms of future contributions as this podcast will be a regular event!

Guest stars!
Theme music (may or may not be prizes involved for this)
Video submission - matches at any level Suggestions on future topics!

Enjoy! See you on the flip side.

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