25 March 2016

Spring League for round 1

Hi all! As I said I would, we started our new league. Please see the players below and click on the list to check out each persons grab bag of 200 points. We will be updating the rankings as we go!

FYI - some of the lists are just fun and trying new stuff out. Some lists (like mine: aka Nic) are not made to be super competitive, they are just fun and are including Wave 8 ships.

Feel free to comment and see how these lists work out!

Matt J (rebels)
Charles (scum)

Thomas F (scum)
Nic (rebels)

Matt E (scum)
Tommy S (imperials)

Floyd (scum)
Jeb (imperials)

Jeremy (imperials)
Nate (rebels)

View the Pilots and Upgrades that each player can use in the tournament 

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