10 March 2016

It's a target lock..no, it's a tie fighter...O noes, It's OMEGA LEADER!

Well, I can't let Nic have all the fun!  It's my turn. Pay attention class, today I am going to talk about the most feared TIE First Order fighter Pilot in the game, Omega Leader. There have been questions and questions about this feared pilot (with no lore btw).

Let's talk about this misunderstood pilot in the game.  Our friends at MidwestWargaming having an outstanding article about our Mr. Omega Leader, however, they forgot to mention a couple of things ;-)  Ok, time to get serious for a little bit.

As you see from the card when Omega Leader has a ship target locked that ship cannot modify any dice when being attacked by or defending against Omega Leader (OL).

For example, you have Palpatine and his ride target locked.  The shuttle with palp (aka the Palp Mobile or Pap's Ride) on it cannot modify any dice when attacking Omega Leader or when defending against Omega Leader.  So that means Palp cannot use the force to change the his rides dice against OL or if the shuttle has sensor jammer it doesn't work.  However, in a similar example, if another ship was shooting at our same beloved OL, that ship would be able to modify any and all dice that it can because it is not target locked by OL. Super Confused?  Hopefully not...

Basically here is the nicest and shortest way to define this: OL has ship A target locked = ship A cannot ever modify any attacks or defensive dice imposed by OL. Nada. Zip. Done. Dice roll and that is what you get.

Think of all the mayhem could cause (no Han - both crew and pilot cards, no C3PO, no focus tokens, no reroll for target locks, no nothing).  All cards that change dice are cancelled because they are handled in the modify dice phase of combat or defending. This even means that if Omega Leader target locks Vader with advanced targeting computer, Vader would not get the extra crit die (of course this would never happen because the empire does not condone hate crimes). Bye bye vader potency. The extra crit dice would actually be part of the "modify attack dice" step according to ffg core rules and therefore not allowed when attacking OL.

As you can see from the above documentation, this makes OL incredibly potent in the long game and towards the end of all matches. He can survive nicely and deal some decent damage even with 2 attack dice (2 attack dice with focus vs. 1 defense dice with no modifiers = 79.69% chance of a hit; 2 attack dice with focus vs. 3 defense dice with no modifiers = 62.99% chance of a hit; 2 attack dice with focus vs. 3 defense dice with no modifiers = 47.61% chance of a hit; 3 attack dice with focus vs. 3 defense dice with no modifiers = 72.24% chance of a hit).

These simple facts could be why OL has now risen from the world of TIE fighters (what almost 30 freaking TIE pilots?) and is currently being run in almost 5% of reported list per the X-Wing Juggler. Add Juke and Comm Relay and he becomes even stronger. But hey! Good thing is he is just a silly ol TIE with 3 hull and 1 shield. Come on peoples you can destroy that!

Here is our favorite list so far with OL:

Patrol Leader — VT-49 Decimator (40)
"Omega Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter (21) Juke (2) Comm Relay (3)
Soontir Fel — TIE Interceptor (27) Push the Limit (3) Stealth Device(3)
Total: 99 points

This list is fun. My gosh it is fun. Just do not screw it up and you can deal some nasty damage throughout the course of the game with some epic lock down abilities with OL. My only issue with OL is the fact that he cannot shut down regen ships like Poe with R2-D2. But if he could, he would be fart too powerful.

Now there are plenty of other lists that could be viable, however, three aces lists just scare me as we cannot handle them nor fly them well (hence why I run two Decimator lists and Nic runs Poe with Y-Wings or B-Wings). What is your favorite?

Brain overload after all that.  How about some ponies (Nic here: sometimes I wonder about you Jeb and your sanity)?  You thought you could escape my pony wraith? hehehehahahahhaha.   Ok, if there are any questions or I completely screwed up (Nic will give me a thousand whippings with a wet noodle),  please leave a comment below.  Nic and I will try to clear anything up. 

Coming up next is our podcast where we will highlight a recent store championship and a tournament were the ACE of Savannah was crowned. See you on the flip side.