28 March 2016

Monday Morning News

Hello there Space Cowboys and Cowgirls!

Article (from Team Covenant) crossed by path this morning.  That is really interesting so check it out here-> http://teamcovenant.com/star-wars-x-wing/the-paradigm-shift-of-red-dice.

Battle report from Atlanta, GA.  Our friend, The Table Top General, gives us a battle report from a store championship.

Got any news or something you want to share?  Email us or leave us a comment.

25 March 2016

Spring League for round 1

Hi all! As I said I would, we started our new league. Please see the players below and click on the list to check out each persons grab bag of 200 points. We will be updating the rankings as we go!

FYI - some of the lists are just fun and trying new stuff out. Some lists (like mine: aka Nic) are not made to be super competitive, they are just fun and are including Wave 8 ships.

Feel free to comment and see how these lists work out!

Matt J (rebels)
Charles (scum)

Thomas F (scum)
Nic (rebels)

Matt E (scum)
Tommy S (imperials)

Floyd (scum)
Jeb (imperials)

Jeremy (imperials)
Nate (rebels)

View the Pilots and Upgrades that each player can use in the tournament 

No Gonky Gonk Gonk?

Well, there was a little bombshell on the FFG Forums (click on the link for the complete thread) a couple of days ago.  Seems there are some questions involving using "Experimental Interface" to use "Gonk's" abilities twice in a single round of actions.  This would allow a scum ship with a crew slot (yes Gonk is not an astromech droid folks) to put a shield from your supply onto the card and then regen a shield within the same action. The only consequence would be to receive a stress token.  Pretty handy right? But this also leads to some tricky rules that have not been addressed yet. Specifically the rule pertaining to not being able to do the same action twice within your action phase. For example, you cannot double focus with Vader (unless you have a recon specialist which you will never have because of the lack of a crew spot on Vader), or Baron Von Fel (Soontir Fel) cannot Push the Limit and do two boosts or two barrel roles within the same action sequence.

As the card reads it looks like two separate actions because both have the header "Action". However, debate has arising as to if Gonk is considered a two separate action or is it a single action and thus Experimental Interface cannot trigger or be used within the same assign action sequence/step. As such, we took to the airwaves to ascertain what FFG thought of this little predicament.

The question was asked to Frank Brooks and believe it or not he answered.  As you can see below (taken from the FFG Forum Thread for you lazy people so you don't have to click the linky) :

This was posted on the UK facebook group. The writer emailed FFG about using EI with the Gonk card and this is the (slightly unexpected) result:
"In response to your rules question:
Rules Question:
Hi X-wing Miniatures rules question: The new 'Gonk' card has two possible effects on it. Can both actions be used in the same turn via Experimental Interface? Or is the action 'Gonk', preventing it being used twice under the 'same action' rule.

You are correct, since both actions are “Gonk” actions, you cannot do both (add and remove) actions during the same round.
Thanks for playing,
Frank Brooks
Associate Creative Content Developer
Fantasy Flight Games"

Well, these brings up some interesting questions:
a) Do you believe that the forums are gospel and not just pixels on the internet?
b) Should this ruling be followed immediately or should you wait for the official faq to come out?
c) Are people taking things to seriously?  Is this post to serious?

So essentially, no you cannot use EI and Gonk to get a shield and regen a shield. Or per Mr. Frank's ruling on the forum. As a TO, if it is not in the FAQ or in the rule book, it is up for interpretation. As such, in our league I am allowing the use of EI and Gonk simultaneously. To me the forums are not gospel, but more of guidelines and the final decision lies with the TO.

Please leave your thoughts and comments below as we would love to here what you think.  I know your waiting for your special surprise, so here it is...

22 March 2016

X-Wing League Play - A friendly tutorial or a few observations from the bartender.

Greetings and salutations fellow nerds!

Nic here.

A few friends of the bar asked me to write about X-Wing league and league play. As such, I am a slave to the people. So lets jump on into it shall we?

First and foremost with any miniatures league (and any group project from college or high school or middle school), the Tournament Organizations (TO) must be willing to do all of the work. Isn't this why teachers and professors always assign a group leader? Come on people, we all know who we are dealing with: nerds, closet nerds, high functioning nerds (you know, those who have big boy jobs or pretend to have jobs - eheemmmm Jeb), and the occasional magic player (oh 'lawd have mercy). We honestly cannot count on anyone else doing any portion of the work. Period. As most of you TO's can identify with this, we must be willing to deal with store owners, players, and the occasional game shop kid who wants to put his grubby hands all over your fresh out of the box bright and shiny Ghost. Hands off slimy mynock, mines!!!! But seriously as a TO you are ultimately responsible for the enjoyment of others and organizing these things. You are the leader. So have good bedside manners and be willing to commit to doing a large share of the work, it not all of it.

Anyways...rant over.

We have run some very successful leagues at our local store here in the 'boro, Galactic Comics and Games.

First, a small tale. I arrived in this town almost two years ago. Went to the game shop for the first time and got a game of X-Wing on day one. It was pure heaven. But then darkness came and I went without a game for well over six months. Slowly but surely I dragged out our current players from the woods and seedy back alleys. Literally, I found Mr. Thomas Fox (one of our local players) creeping in a back alley behind the store. Slowly we all collated together and formed our group (by the powers combined, we are Captain Planet - wait - hmmmm). This took an incredible amount of patience and long lonely nights at the game shop playing games like warhammer or warmachine or dreadball and hopefully trying to convince others that this super sweet game called X-Wing was worth it. One night I remember pulling out my fleet of ships and setting them up to show people how cool they were and the only person who showed any interest was 8 year old kid who was playing pokemon. I remember him vividly saying "Hey! Those are cool! Isn't that the Star Ship Enterprise? I love Star Trek". So I slowly hung my head completely ashamed of the newest generation and packed up my stuff and shuffled over the bar across the street to drown my sorrows away and dream of brighter X-Wing days.

Wow...slightly off topic. Again. As usual. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

We held our first league after playing the occasional game or two on Thursday nights.

We had 8 people interested in playing, and we would meet at 8pm on Thursday nights. It was a simple 100 points pre-determined lists for three weeks with two matches each Thursday.

Now this went ok, but it was not stellar. Each week we had around 5-6 players, and it always seemed like one or two guys couldn't make it for one reason or another. But no matter we just assigned them byes, and continued playing. Towards the end of consistent play, we had 4 new players join us as walk ins, and by the last night we had almost 12 players total. Honestly not sure how that happened, except word of mouth and a bit of advertisement on the good 'ol BookFace.

Lessons learned:
Be consistent
TO does the work
Need to offer prizes
Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get everyone involved

At the end of the league we held a Saturday tournament, and had a nice turnout of well over 14 players (most local and a few from about 40 minutes away).

Now for the second league:

We did a modified escalation league -

  • 100 points (two matches of 75 minutes per week on Thursdays)
  • 125 points (two matches of 75 minutes per week on Thursdays)
  • 150 points (a single match of 90 minutes one week, and then a single non timed final match a week later)
You could not take away from your list but could only upgrade pilots and upgrades. This was a blast! You can see our last match on our YouTube Channel (this video will not be show because we are bad at video), where I flew a nasty Vader Black Squadron on Crack squad versus a nasty Han, Dash, and Y-Wings with TLTs (Nic, please remove this bad word --Jeb) . This time around we offered prizes! A winter kit and everyone paid $10. We had a consistent 12 players almost every week.

Lessons learned:
Paying to play helps to keep guys around
If the games are different and not kept at 100 points, more people get less bored
Kits are amazing and draw many people who collect X-Wing swag
150 point matches that are not timed last unbearably long - do not do it!

Now our third league is about to start this Thursday!

Rules are:
  • You have 200 points to pull whatever pilots and upgrades you want
  • You know your opponent up a few days in advance and can view their 200 points
  • One game per week for four weeks
  • Spring kit up for grabs
  • $15 tournament fee that goes to pay for the kit and top 3 players get store credit
Sounds fun eh? Once we have the pairings and grab bags set, we will post them weekly for those of you who would like to follow along. In addition, we will record a feature match each week and post it online!

Overall, I have heard of many leagues being extremely successful when you play outside or have opponents during the week not on a set night. For example, you would play two games per week, record scores and give them to the TO when you all meet up to play again on your set gaming night. 

Nothing wrong with this, but it doesn't really work for those of us who work odd hours and are unable to play throughout the week at random times due to family or other commitments. This style would not work with our players! So here is a list of things I have learned (may or may not be helpful but you are going to get them anyways, so sit down and listen):

  1. TO does the work
  2. Must have a solid group of 8-10 players
  3. Must have a consistent gaming night or day that works for all players
  4. Keep the games interesting - switch the point schemes up a bit
  5. Play for some swag - kits or store credit or special promos (or these.  Just look at those dice)
  6. TO needs to communicate and be willing to adjust the league per the players suggestions (now this one might sound silly, but this is incredibly important - if your players scatter because you are unwilling to listen to suggestions then you is a bad TO)
  7. Be flexible - know when to reschedule if not enough players show up or are sick or whatever
  8. Do not be afraid to include players who have never played before and overall be inclusive
  9. Know your players (if someone is always late, start a bit later or make adjustments)
  10. Have fun and don't get pissed when your perfect list gets blasted out of the sky by the noob who just joined last week (this happened to me and I almost started flipping tables because I got tabled)
Well I hope this helps y'all out.

Coming up soon! New podcast (wasn't our last one epic???????? hahahahahhaha it was so bad and I am willing to admit it) and squad building!


15 March 2016

FFG's March Madness: FAQ and Rules Update

FFG has been on fire this week.  They just posted a new rules and FAQ update for March (with some juicy clarifications for the beloved, Omega Leader.   It can be found here:


Once I get time to look it over, The Metal Bikini will share it's commentary and thoughts about them.

14 March 2016

Grrrr. Spring Forward 2016. FFG's Report from the Docking Bay

So, it's really quiet in the town that I live in as the college students and Nic are away for Spring Break.  The show must go on!   I have an article planned for friday, but until then FFG released an article that is an interesting read. 

FFG's Reports from the Docking Bay

PS -Spring Forward 2016, This time change sucks.

10 March 2016

It's a target lock..no, it's a tie fighter...O noes, It's OMEGA LEADER!

Well, I can't let Nic have all the fun!  It's my turn. Pay attention class, today I am going to talk about the most feared TIE First Order fighter Pilot in the game, Omega Leader. There have been questions and questions about this feared pilot (with no lore btw).

Let's talk about this misunderstood pilot in the game.  Our friends at MidwestWargaming having an outstanding article about our Mr. Omega Leader, however, they forgot to mention a couple of things ;-)  Ok, time to get serious for a little bit.

As you see from the card when Omega Leader has a ship target locked that ship cannot modify any dice when being attacked by or defending against Omega Leader (OL).

For example, you have Palpatine and his ride target locked.  The shuttle with palp (aka the Palp Mobile or Pap's Ride) on it cannot modify any dice when attacking Omega Leader or when defending against Omega Leader.  So that means Palp cannot use the force to change the his rides dice against OL or if the shuttle has sensor jammer it doesn't work.  However, in a similar example, if another ship was shooting at our same beloved OL, that ship would be able to modify any and all dice that it can because it is not target locked by OL. Super Confused?  Hopefully not...

Basically here is the nicest and shortest way to define this: OL has ship A target locked = ship A cannot ever modify any attacks or defensive dice imposed by OL. Nada. Zip. Done. Dice roll and that is what you get.

Think of all the mayhem could cause (no Han - both crew and pilot cards, no C3PO, no focus tokens, no reroll for target locks, no nothing).  All cards that change dice are cancelled because they are handled in the modify dice phase of combat or defending. This even means that if Omega Leader target locks Vader with advanced targeting computer, Vader would not get the extra crit die (of course this would never happen because the empire does not condone hate crimes). Bye bye vader potency. The extra crit dice would actually be part of the "modify attack dice" step according to ffg core rules and therefore not allowed when attacking OL.

As you can see from the above documentation, this makes OL incredibly potent in the long game and towards the end of all matches. He can survive nicely and deal some decent damage even with 2 attack dice (2 attack dice with focus vs. 1 defense dice with no modifiers = 79.69% chance of a hit; 2 attack dice with focus vs. 3 defense dice with no modifiers = 62.99% chance of a hit; 2 attack dice with focus vs. 3 defense dice with no modifiers = 47.61% chance of a hit; 3 attack dice with focus vs. 3 defense dice with no modifiers = 72.24% chance of a hit).

These simple facts could be why OL has now risen from the world of TIE fighters (what almost 30 freaking TIE pilots?) and is currently being run in almost 5% of reported list per the X-Wing Juggler. Add Juke and Comm Relay and he becomes even stronger. But hey! Good thing is he is just a silly ol TIE with 3 hull and 1 shield. Come on peoples you can destroy that!

Here is our favorite list so far with OL:

Patrol Leader — VT-49 Decimator (40)
"Omega Leader" — TIE/fo Fighter (21) Juke (2) Comm Relay (3)
Soontir Fel — TIE Interceptor (27) Push the Limit (3) Stealth Device(3)
Total: 99 points

This list is fun. My gosh it is fun. Just do not screw it up and you can deal some nasty damage throughout the course of the game with some epic lock down abilities with OL. My only issue with OL is the fact that he cannot shut down regen ships like Poe with R2-D2. But if he could, he would be fart too powerful.

Now there are plenty of other lists that could be viable, however, three aces lists just scare me as we cannot handle them nor fly them well (hence why I run two Decimator lists and Nic runs Poe with Y-Wings or B-Wings). What is your favorite?

Brain overload after all that.  How about some ponies (Nic here: sometimes I wonder about you Jeb and your sanity)?  You thought you could escape my pony wraith? hehehehahahahhaha.   Ok, if there are any questions or I completely screwed up (Nic will give me a thousand whippings with a wet noodle),  please leave a comment below.  Nic and I will try to clear anything up. 

Coming up next is our podcast where we will highlight a recent store championship and a tournament were the ACE of Savannah was crowned. See you on the flip side.

03 March 2016

TMB First Ever Podcast - Meta, Meta, Meta.

Greetings and salutations comrades!

Nic here. I hope that you all enjoyed our recent announcement post. I mean let's be serious, who does't like reading a blog post about X-Wing that has zero content about X-Wing. So far we are off to a great start, am I right?

Well hopefully this article should assuage (Nic sometimes uses big words. Here's a helpful link for our readers --(From Russia with Love, Jeb) or massage some of those concerns.

Recently I came across a fantastic site that records current meta play throughout the world. Now I am not entirely sure on how they collected the data (my initial reaction is vassal tournaments and user/viewer posts), however it was incredible efficient in describing the current meta.

Here is the particular site: http://lists.starwarsclubhouse.com/time_series

 It is extremely interesting to see the growth patterns of X-Wing Miniatures game (now this data is only tracked starting in 2014, not from 2012 when the game was originally released but maybe we can begin to frame the trends). We have grown as a community from 5 thousand players to well over 50 thousand, with a huge spike in popularity when...can you guess it? The release of STAR WARS EPISODE 7: A New Hope redone but with a bigger death star like thing and better acting. Just kidding. I actually enjoyed the movie tremendously and I am pandering to the alternative viewers who disliked the move tremendously.

 Anyways...... Take a look at the site listed above! It is rather interesting for those of you who are interested in trends and numbers.

Now, I promised myself that this post would be brief (so much for that Nic........). We have completed and posted our first ever podcast!


 In this podcast or youtube video for that matter we introduce ourselves, discuss current meta trends (store vs current local vs national) in X-Wing. Now be kind people, this is our first time doing this. We decided to include our faces so you can get to know your local bartenders a bit more personally (and because I am apparently absolutely useless at doing video editing). That being said, no I did not grow a tail spontaneously at the end of the podcast and yes I know my internet connect at home sucks. Working on it. Gesssshhhhhh. Sometimes I just want to live in Korea (south not north, although that might be fun) just for the internet accessibility.

 Here are a few things that we are looking for in terms of future contributions as this podcast will be a regular event!

Guest stars!
Theme music (may or may not be prizes involved for this)
Video submission - matches at any level Suggestions on future topics!

Enjoy! See you on the flip side.

Wave 8 - NOW SHIPPING!!!!!

Dun dun dun dun........

Wave 8 is now shipping.



Now the question is will this be around for our upcoming store championship?

Yikes. The opportunities are endless.....