13 March 2015

Tournament Talk- Galactic Comics and Games Store Championship

Longtime friend of the bar Nic Murray brought to my attention that he's hosting a Store Championship in his new digs at Statesboro, Georgia's own Galactic Comics and Games next weekend, 21 March 15. You can register in person starting at 10am the day of the tournament or pre-register through this link. The tournament will start at 11am.

In addition to the usual box o' prizes provided by FFG for Store Championships, Nic says that Galactic will also have, and I quote- quality mystery prizes (maybe star wars armada, maybe scum and villainy most wanted, maybe a blockade runner, maybe a rebel transport - come on who doesn't want C3PO as a card for a Fat Han build...am I right? the possibilities are endless and mysterious!). 

In addition, we will be holding an alternate paint contest (all tournament participants will vote and I will take pictures and share with you [and by you, he means me- Clint]!). Top place receives a prize as well (TBD but I can guarantee it will be worth the trip even if you do not play in the tournament).

So that's pretty dope, right? Lots of prizes and a painting contest! Hell, if I didn't live 9 hours away, I'd even head down there. That's a pretty sweet haul and looks like a really nice store to play in!

Nic mentioned they already have some folks signed up, but they can accommodate up to 30 players, so if you're on the fence it might not be a bad idea to go ahead and register, lest you get disappointed trying to get in day of.

Cost is $6 and if you want more info or have questions you want to ask, check out the facebook page they made for the event.

Good luck y'all!

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