13 March 2015

Arts and (Space)Crafts- Custom Debris Templates from Zuckuss!

I received an email from longtime Bikini Aficionado Zuckuss awhile back who wanted to share how to make some awesome debris Templates with the rest of the bar. It's pretty short and sweet, but you can't deny how much more badass these would be to whip out for your games instead of the stock debris shapes, amirite? 

Step 1:

Coat the debris template with grease or Vaseline to reduce sticking of the epoxy. Using a flat surface, tape wax paper to it and the template to the wax paper.

Step 2:

Cut up pieces of your debris. I used a TIE that was replaced by FFG because it arrived damaged. I also grated aluminum foil for the debris particles.

Step 3:

Mix epoxy (I used pour-on high gloss epoxy coating) and pour into template, but do not fill to the brim. I went slowly and added more as needed. Add debris pieces and effects, such as the foil.

Step 4:

Let it cure for 18 hours then, using a razor or X-Acto knife, slowly trim the edges on both sides of the template. The epoxy will be pretty malleable and easier to trim and remove from the template than if you waited the full 24-48 hours for it to cure.

Step 5:

Let the epoxy cure until hard (about 48 hours total) then sand the edges to make it look clean.

Pretty awesome, huh? Bet you wish you wouldn't have pitched your punched-out debris template thingy, huh? I love the idea of pouring the epoxy instead of trying to Dremel or jigsaw out the shapes, because well, I'm pretty much all thumbs when it comes to stuff like that. 

In any case, it shouldn't be that hard to trace the shapes onto some cardstock or cardboard or something and transfer Zuckuss' ideas on to that, right? I gotta say, I'm really tempted to cook up a few of these myself, maybe even with some extra fixins- maybe go a little more three-dimensional or maybe even add in a blinking red LED to one of them like a rescue beacon or something. 

Great stuff, Zuck! Thanks again!

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