19 January 2015

Oh Hai!

Hey sorry for being out of touch for so long. I'm not dead, wasn't injured in a robot uprising, or even sick. Just got busy with work, then Christmas got here, and ok- you know those people at work that joke about coming back to work to get some rest? 

Yeah, this guy. 

I know, it's pathetic. It really is. I remember being like 23 or 24 and Christmas would roll around and I'd get like soooo much work done on some personal project. I remember writing like 5 songs one Christmas break. Reading like 4 novels I'd been wanting to check out. Watching an entire season of a TV show. Getting into Tour School on Tiger Woods. Now with the kids though, it's like non-stop working, entertaining, feeding, and changing. 

Anyway, with all that nonsense going on, I haven't had time to play X-Wing much, so I'm kinda out of it. Now, don't freak out- I'm still going to talk about X-Wing at least once a week on here, but I'm also going to talk about the other games I play, mainly over Hangouts. Currently, we've been playing that Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, so if you're curious about that game, I'll be talking about it here real soon. Couple others too that are fun, can be played over Hangouts, and are something worthy of your bartender's hipster sensibilities. 

Anyway, peace. Thanks for coming back, and I hope y'all had a merry holidays! 

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