26 November 2014

Potpourri for $500- MM Sale, Work, Work, Work

Hey y'all, long time no talk. 

Ok, first of all, despite the fact that it's Wednesday, Miniature Market's Black Friday sale is now live! Click the link or hit either of their banner ads to access all the awesome discounts on your favorite gaming gear! 

Secondly, apologies for being so MIA lately. I've been called in to fix something that has my guys stumped at least one night a week for the past month, which coupled on top of the normal 55 or so hours I normally work, has really been putting a strain on things. As much as I love working on the Bikini, it does unfortunately have to take a backseat to family time and this other job that pays my bills and whatnot. 

With this week being a short week because of Thanksgiving, I'm hoping to free up some time and get back on track with writing for the Bikini next week. It's looking like we'll need to come in and work Saturday, but having Thursday and Friday off to try and get my sleep corrected is going to help. 

Those of y'all in the States, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Those of y'all elsewhere, well, you do the same too. Without the Thanksgiving, I mean. Or well, I guess there's nothing wrong being Thankful for the positive stuff in your life, right? So yeah, you guys do the same thing. 


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