13 October 2014

Docking Bay 94?

Y'all are pretty cheeky sometimes, y'know that? :)

As I'm always one to reward initiative, here's a couple of treats for ya. Oh what could have been, right? Like I said though, now that we're like a year and a half into it, I can't really imagine the site being anything more than The Metal Bikini, even if it seems not everybody gets that the name of the domain is a nod to Leia's outfit from Jedi. 

I might have a couple more on the Chromebook, but I'm at work and it's at home right now. Of course, I might not too. Can't remember. Thought I had more than two lying around, but I could be wrong. Again, the name change happened very early on. 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about here and want to be in on the joke, check out my interview with the NOVA Radio guys. While I don't come right out and actually mention it by name, you can find waaaaay back in the day of like January 2013 I made a reference to the domain name change in this post

I remember thinking after the interview, I wonder how differently things would have gone with the site had I kept the original name. If like it would have been more professional or serious or if everything would have turned out pretty much the same. If it would have been more or less successful, stuff like that. Who knows? In any case, I like TMB and ultimately, happy accident or not, I'm happy that things have gone down the way they have. I mean, 1.6 million pageviews can't be wrong, right? 


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