24 October 2014

Deep Space Scenery Contest 2014 Brought to You by Miniature Market!

It's that time again, y'all! Time for another TheMetalBikini.com contest brought to you by the awesome folks at MiniatureMarket.com

For this contest, I thought it might be fun to get a little more crafty and challenge y'all to build and photograph some scenery suitable for your games of X-Wing Miniatures. Asteroid bases, gun platforms, space stations, derelict freighters, containers, comm sats, orbital relays, floating space taverns, whatever floats your proverbial boat! And while I'm not saying it's a requirement, if you've got some rules dreamed up for your scenery piece, like a custom scenario or a card full of stats, so much the better! Like with the other contests, I'll collect your entries after the entry window closes and host them here on the site for folks to be inspired to create their own awesome scenery and for you to brag to your pals about. 

Interested? I hope so! Here's the rules skinny (which is basically the same rules I always use for this stuff)- 

Entry Guidelines-
1) Ideally, whoever sends the entry is the same person who actually did the work. This being the internet and all, there's really no way for me to police this other than to ask you nicely to be honest and insist that you take a picture of the model with the TMB and MM.com Deep Space Scenery Contest image somewhere in the background in at least one of your shots. The idea here is not to go and grab some picture off the net and submit it as your own work. You can hold your model up in front of your computer screen when you take the pics so that the image is in the background or you can print it out on paper and set your mini on top of it, whatever- so long as the ad is visible, at least somewhat legible, and not Photoshopped into the image. Oh, and this doesn't have to be a piece you created specifically for this contest- it can totally be something you made earlier. It's fine so long as it or the pictures of it isn't somehow the property of someone else now.

2) Please, for my own sanity, send me no more than three pictures of your model. Three pics ought to be good enough to show off your skills and give me a good look at your scenery piece. And don't make the images massively huge either, please. I'd like for them to be large enough I can see your work, but not like 4096x5400 or whatever, ok? I don't want to set like a firm dimensional limit on this- just use your own best judgement, aiight?

3) Entering more than one model is fine, but please send me a separate email for each entry and abide by these rules for each entry.

4) When you send me your pics, please include your full name and mailing address in your entry so MM and I know where to send your prizes if you win (more on that in a second). Please note, this contest is open to everybody- Americans, Canadians, English folks, Aussies, Kiwis, the French, whoever- but you gotta, gotta, gotta send me your real name and address along with your entry pictures. You also need to send the pics from a valid email address, or at least mention one in your entry along with your real name and address so I can contact you if you win. Hopefully y'all know by now I'm not the spamming type.

5) I will announce the winners on here after the contest closes and I have a chance to go through the entries. If you're not cool with me using your real name on here, you need to tell me what you want to be called in your entry. If you win a prize pack, I'll notify you by email.

6) After the snafu of trying to keep all of your Pilot Card Contest entries separate from my normal email, I opened up an email solely for contests here on TMB. This is where you need to send your entries for this contest- do not use my GMail address that's linked on the page and that I've had y'all use in the past to enter this contest. As has been the case before, I'll check this email periodically and reply to those who have entered with an confirmation letting you know I've received your entry. The new email address for contest entries only is- 

If you have questions about the contest or life in general, email my normal GMail address as usual, but please send only your actual contest entries to the Yandex address.

Other Information: 
There will be three winners, but not really a first, second, and third place. MM has ponied up three X-Wing prize packs for this shindig, so that's what y'all are competing for. Additionally, I'm throwing in a TMB shirt for each of the winners too. If your entry is selected, I'll contact you for info about what size shirt you wear and all. It'd be right neighborly of you to send me back a pic of you in the shirt so I know you got it, but if not, I understand. 

While I will absolutely credit you with the work you've done, the pics you send me will become property of TMB and the really good ones will go up as part of an image gallery of cool scenery pieces that'll become a permanent fixture on the site here in the Arts and (Space)Crafts section. It's probably unlikely that you'd be sending me pictures that someone else owns the rights to, but I don't want anybody misunderstanding the intent here.

I'll be picking the winning entries. There's no real set selection criteria- just whatever I think looks the coolest, most original, and totally badass wins. I don't care if your idea is perfectly detailed canon or something wild and original- if it looks awesome, it's got a shot. Again, there will be three winners total.

I hate saying stuff like this, but I have the right to reject any images that I don't feel would be a good fit for the audience here or for any other reason. In other words, don't send me stuff with images that are pornographic or have curse words or whatever on them. No matter how well done it is, I can't be showin' stuff like that on here, man. Again, use your best judgement here people- I don't want to come up with a list of stuff you can't do for this. Kinda takes the fun out of it.

These rules may change if necessary, and if you live in a place where entering contests is verboten, you probably shouldn't enter.

Lastly, if you didn't follow the rules posted, your submission will be rejected immediately so please, please, please pay attention especially to those parts above that I've so helpfully underlined for you. If you get in a hurry and realized you screwed up your entry, just send me the whole thing, pics and all, over again rather than send me an email saying, "Oh hey- I forgot to put my address on my entry, here it is."
You can submit your entries any time from now until 11:59pm on Monday, 3 November 2014. It's a little longer window than usual because this contest demands a little more work than the previous MM and TMB contests. That gives you a couple of weekends to work on your project. 

Good luck and stay tuned!

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