21 September 2014

Wrapping up Wave 4

So somewhere around the end of July, I got sidetracked away from my bread-and-butter business of discussing the cards for this game- specifically, those of Wave 4. 

Although it's kinda after the fact, I'm going to rectify that over the next few days, work willing. 

I also finally updated the List Building Resources page. If you're relatively new around here and wondered why exactly I stopped writing card articles back around the time of the Lambda Shuttle, weeeellll, I kinda didn't- I just stopped updating that page because reasons. 

Anyway, I think it's up to date now. Or is until I publish the next article about Wave 4 stuff in a few hours. 

After the Wave 4 articles are done, Rebel Aces will probably be out, but at some point, I'll go back and do the cards from the Rebel Transport and the Corvette. I kinda purposely skipped those, but I'll go back and cover them at some point. 


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