08 September 2014

We're Back! Well, Sort of.

So work, and by work I mean my like actual day job, has been kicking my butt here lately with a minor revision product launch that turned into a relatively major one and losing another maintenance guy. The good news is the launch didn't go horribly, the bugs are for the most part worked out, and I finally managed to get one of my old hardcore maintenance guys talked into coming back for another round which will hopefully kick off in a couple of weeks. 

So what's it to you? 

Well, if I actually have at least a couple of guys who know their way around the equipment, it means I'm there less, on the phone with the plant less, and generally worrying about everything less which of course translates into me actually having time to write again. 

So hang in there folks- I can't tell you what kind of messed up torture it is to have all this new stuff coming and old stuff I need to be discussing and not have the time at all to do it. 

In the meantime, a guy named Tract wrote up some articles on those Bikini Squadron cards y'all made and has picked out some of his favorites. I'm hoping to turn his submission into several articles which will run this week. Hope y'all enjoy it! If you dig his stuff, he's started up an X-Wing site of his own over at http://hometwoxwing.wordpress.com/, so stop by if you dig what he's done for me here. 

Thanks again Tract! Nice to have something besides stale air on The Bikini this week. 


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