30 September 2014

Potpourri for $500- Rebel Aces, Fab's Updated, NOVA Radio Interview

Hey y'all, sorry for the radio silence again. Had to unexpectedly work 12 hour days all last week (and Saturday) to cover a guy unexpectedly quitting on me. 

Rebel Aces in Stores Now!
You likely already know this, but Rebel Aces hit store shelves late last week. It really is worth picking up if you're a Rebel Player who was a little underwhelmed by the long term viability of the A-Wing or if you need even more reasons to roll a B-Wing. Heck, even if you're an Imperial player, Proton Rockets might be worth enough to you to pick it up. As always, Miniature Market has them in stock! If you're in the UK, I'd urge you to check out Wayland Games as they're now a sponsor of mine as well. 

Fab's Squadron Builder Updated
Yeah, not only does Fab have all the latest leaked info on the new stuff, he dropped me an email to let me know he's added in a "Switch Pilot" feature that let's you trade out pilots without affecting or having to redo the upgrades and stuff you've selected. Pretty handy! Check it out if you have a chance. 

NOVA Radio Interview
I got an email from a reader last week talking about my interview with the NOVA Radio guys. I totally didn't even know this had gone live. If you're interested in hearing me talk words instead of just typing them, you can check it out here. Yes they spelled the name of site wrong in the title. I'm trying not to hold it against them. :)

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