15 September 2014

H.O.T.H. X-Wing Charity Event

I got an email from a guy named Dave Curtis who wanted to let me know that there's a charity tournament coming up 4 October to benefit the University of Iowa's Children's Hospital. Thing is though, this isn't strictly some charity event- it's actually a pretty hardcore, pre-Worlds type of deal. Here's his email-

Here in the middle of the corn fields of Iowa we are planing a event for next month.
In collaboration with many many helpful faces, we're going to hold a charity tournament for the Extra Life foundation on October 4th, benefiting the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. It will be the last major tournament prior to the World Championships in November and we anticipate people coming from all over the region so the competition will be fierce. We hope for a 6 round swiss with a cut to the top 8, but rounds will be based off attendance. We would like a minimum of 40 people and hope to see around 80 competitors.

The idea for this came about with Sunny planing a small local charity event in Iowa City, IA for Extra Life. Doug Kinney(Hothie) was planing on doing a Midwest tournament for the players in the Midwest to gear up for one big game day before Worlds. So we had two birds and only one stone, and combined the two events!

The event will be held in North Liberty, IA just off of US 80 on 10/4/14. i will included the link for the Facebook page with all of the info H.O.T.H Facebook.

We were hoping you might be able to post something about this event on The Metal Bikini. if you would like anymore info please feel free to ask.

Dave Curtiss

Y'all know I'm an old softie when it comes to kiddos, but this thing is going to be an awesome tournament as well! I mean, how could I not promote it on here, right? 

So stop by their Facebooks and you'll find the link to PayPal in your registration fee and get some games in against some of the Midwest's best while doing something really awesome at the same time. They've got more information regarding tournament structure, start times, lists, prize support, hotel blocks, you name it. No excuse not to go if you're remotely around there, and tell 'em I said hi!


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