08 August 2014

And Now For Something Completely Different!

Those of y'all who follow me on G+ and/ or Twitter know of my many varied interests outside of gaming tables at the FLGS, and yeah, while I'll pepper in references to music I enjoy and movies and stuff in some of my articles here on TheMetalBikini.com, I generally try to stay on X-Wing Miniatures stuff in general for the most part.

Until now!

My friend and now boss, Chuck has been bugging me for the past week to fire up this year's Fantasy Football (and by Football, I mean Soccer) league, but I've been busy and hadn't had a chance to get around to emailing the old crew and going through the usual, "Do we want to do official Premiership or ESPN or Yahoo! Sports UK or what, guys?" Rounds of emails and whatnot prior to setting up this year's league.

Well, Chuck being Chuck, shortly before lunch yesterday came into my office/ batcave and asked if I'd checked my email. I hadn't, but did while he was standing there, and his email of course wasn't about work- he'd taken the initiative and started up a Fantasy Football (yup, still Soccer) league.

So I emailed the crew and so far nobody has responded. I figure they probably already made a league and left Chuckles and me out of it due to our relative inactivity after the winter break last season or maybe they just got busy and didn't email a brotha back today.

Slightly bummed at the fact that there are only two of us in the league, I started trying to think of other soccer fans I could contact through Twitter and stuff (I mean, I am an American Outlaw after all- it's not like I don't know other Premiership fans, y'know?), but then the thought occurred to me that it might be fun to throw it up on here instead.

If any of y'all are interested in joining our league, get yourself set up over at PremierLeague.com's Fantasy Football section and then follow this link and it should get you all signed up for our league.

And don't worry, I'm just as bad at Fantasy Football as I am at X-Wing. Come on down, it'll be a hoot!

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