25 August 2014

Starscapes by Eggbox Terrain

So this was another one of those things I planned on talking about last week before my equipment blew up and ate up all of my time. 

I got an email a week ago from a guy named Richard Findlay talking about a Kickstarter he's running for mats and asteroids. I checked it out, thought it looked awesome, and fully intended to write about it before now, but again- stuff happens. 

I just checked in again with it, it would appear that it's already funded, but Richard has really put together a pretty sweet offering here, so even though he doesn't need my help, I figured I'd share it with you guys as if you're in the UK (or don't mind paying a bump up for international shipping), it seems as though it'd be a pretty sweet deal and he's also donating 10% of the profits to the Earth and Space Foundation, which I think is super cool and generous and all. 

Fab's Squadron Builder- Now with Wave 6!

Five days ago, our pal Fab in France emailed me to let me know that he'd updated his Squadrons Builder with all of the Wave 6 info released up to this point. 

Five days ago was also when my equipment at work decided to stop working, which caused me to go back into work after already working a 10 hour day, and stay for another 12 after only being home for about 4 hours. 

I used to be able to rebound from stuff like this, being a long time sufferer of insomnia and all. You can call it getting old, but what it really makes the difference now days is that I can't just go home and crash for 10 or 12 hours like I used to. Kids are a 24/7 kind of responsibility, y'know? I can't very well just say, "Bye guys- dad needs to go sleep for 12 hours. See you in a couple of days." They don't really understand that, y'know? Not to mention it's not fair to the wife, and not to mention that right now the notion of my work actually leaving me alone for 12 hours is borderline laughable. And not a nice laugh, either. One of those bitter, sarcastic laugh type laughables. 

Anyway, I don't mean to complain on here to y'all, I just hate it when I can't write and always feel obligated to explain why I drop off the radar from time to time. 

So stop by Fab's and build some Wave 6 (and Wave 5, for that matter) squadrons if that kind of thing floats your boat, and heck, even if it doesn't, you can still go in there and check out all of the new cards that have been spoiled- he's got many of them already listed. 

Hopefully I'll be able to get back to work on the fun stuff here in a day or two. 


18 August 2014

Potpourri for $500- Wave 6 Revealed, Wave 5 and Rebel Aces, Imperial Assault

So, I unfortunately didn't make it to GenCon after all. Work has just been too crazy for me to get away from here lately, but in case you hadn't heard, it was an eventful weekend for FFG's Star Wars games, including our beloved X-Wing Miniatures.

Wave 6- Scum and Villainy Faction, Multiple Expansions
So not only were the ships of Wave 6 unexpectedly revealed over the weekend, but an entirely new Faction was revealed as well! Yeah, that's me with egg on my face for that one. I never thought I'd see the day, but a third Faction has been added to X-Wing Miniatures.

After the initial reveal at the con, FFG went ahead and threw up a big ol' reveal on their website. In case you missed it, check it out here.

Short version? Now there's a third team called Scum and Villainy. Wave 6 will consist of four Expansions total that will make up the Scum and Villainy team. The Expansions are-

  • Most Wanted- This includes 1 repainted Y-Wing and 2 repainted Z-95 models, but pilot cards for those ships as well as the HWK-290 and the Firespray as well as a ton of upgrades and whatnots. 

  • StarViper- This is Prince Xizor's ship from Shadows of the Empire, which I guess makes sense since Dash Rendar is flying around these days.

  • M3-A Interceptor- This is the ship that's in the artwork for the Elite Pilot Skill Intimidation. Apparently it's a Mandalore ship. 

  • IG-2000- Which is IG-88's ship. 

Wave 5 and Rebel Aces On Sale?!?!
Yeah, they were. At GenCon. You may recall, they did this for Wave 3 as well a year ago, then the ships hit retailers about a month later as I recall. That said, if you're desperate to get your hands on a Decimator or an Outrider, they're on eBay. As I write this, the Buy It Now on either ship is a cool $80. Rebel Aces is clocking in at around $60-65. 

Imperial Assault
So this totally came out of left field kinda like Armada did. IA is a super cool looking Star Wars boardgame with a bunch of sweet miniatures.

Apparently you can play it as a campaign kind of thing or in a one-off kind of skirmish mode as well. When they get to the part about it having "Ally packs", it kinda made me think of the offspring if Arkham Horror and X-Wing Miniatures had a kid. Dunno how accurate that is, but I like the sound of it. Get the full lowdown here in the FFG reveal article

So there ya go! Lots to be excited about, huh? 

14 August 2014

Friendly Reminder- Premier League Starts This Weekend!

Just a friendly reminder that the Premiership starts this weekend and if you want to get in on the fun that is Fantasy Football, click here to join up with me and some of the rest of the fans of the beautiful game here at the bar. 


12 August 2014

Double Reveals- YT-2400 and VT-49 Decimator

Good Lord, FFG be keepin' a brotha busy huh? Yesterday, around lunch time FFG revealed some more info regarding the YT-2400, then later in the afternoon, around the time I was working on and subsequently burning myself on a hot melt machine at work, they went and dropped a second reveal on the Decimator!

(Pro tip- if you ever get burned with hot glue, whether it's the 400 degree industrial strength stuff we use at work or your little hot glue gun at your house, DO NOT PICK IT OFF. Fight the urge. Fight it! I mean, remember that part in Fight Club when Tyler gives Jack a lye burn? I don't mean fight it for the sake of reveling in the pain or whatever to remind yourself you're alive, fight it until you can get to some cold water and submerge your burn, glue and all, in the water. After the throbbing subsides after 10 minutes or so, dump out the water and get some more and do it again. Then a couple hours later, you can pick the glue off and you don't lose the top two layers of skin in the process, which is absolutely what happens if you pick it off when it's still hot. Trust me- I know.)

So we already know a fair amount about the Outrider, the main things revealed today were a heretofore unknown Elite Pilot Skill card called Lone Wolf and the other Named Pilots besides Dash Rendar.

If you were on the fence about buying a YT-2400 because it might be too much like the Falcon and you don't really fly the Falcon too much anymore because some hipsters made fun of you for flying it too much back in the day, and well, you don't like being made fun of like that, guess what? This card alone is pretty much worth the price of admission. 

First it's dotted, which is a good ah-HEM-damn thing because if it wasn't, everybody would be sporting one. For only two points, if you're sad and if you're lonely, and you haven't got a friend, just remember that you can reroll 1 of your blanks whether you're Attacking or Defending. How friggin' awesome is that? Admittedly, this card will take some time to find a home- it's basically anti-TIE Swarm and basically anti-Biggs fill-in-the-blank, but holy mackerel, it's pretty sweet. The obvious application is on TIE Phantoms as they move so herky-jerky they're hard to fly effectively in a formation anyway, but this would work well on anybody who can generally take care of themselves, but sometimes hangs around the rest of the crew anyway. There's so many pilots out there now I hesitate to be all, "It'd be good on this guy", but the ship that mainly comes to mind when I think about this card? A-Wings. I think a lot of people have A-Wings picking off the wounded gazelles and this card makes even a Green Squadron really, really tough to hit and maximizes their attack potential for no cost, i.e. not an Action, other than points. Note too that it works on anything- Primaries or Secondaries. Awesome.

As for the named Outrider pilots, we've got Leebo (not to be confused with Deebo) and Eaden Vrill.

Ok, so that's cool- when your opponent Crits you, you draw 2 cards and choose which one to resolve. I mean, you still get stuck with a Crit, but it's the devil you know and all. The ability isn't that great, but notice that you do end up with a PS 5 Outrider that can take an Elite Pilot Skill. That in and of itself is potentially worth something. 

This is potentially an even bigger deal. 

Remember Sean's article about Stress Relief a week or so ago and how we started talking about how the weaponization of Stress is kind of interesting? This guy totally plays off of that notion in spades because he's PS3 and will be firing after lots of folks voluntarily invoke Stress! With a Primary that can fire outside the firing arc lines! In a ship with 5 Shields, 5 Hull, and a 2 Agility! He's not cheap, but man, in the right list this guy could be really tough on opponents. 

The Decimator we haven't had much stuff revealed, officially anyway. You might have seen over the weekend some screen caps (probably from the print copy of GTM) making the rounds on the internet that revealed a couple of cards for the Deci- I have no idea if the second half of today's double-header was a reponse to that or was planned all along, but regardless, we had that leaked info officially revealed. 

First and foremost, we got the Decimator's dial shown to us for the first time.

Take that in for a second. No there's no red maneuvers and there's no K-Turn. I'm going to say, "So what?" to that nonsense. It's got three Speed 1 maneuvers, every Speed 2 maneuver, every Speed 3 maneuver, and a straight 4. Couple that up with it's 3 Attack Primary Turret, and big base and you've got a very user-friendly ship on the surface.

Especially if this guy is driving it-

Dig on that for a second too- this guy damages ships that he runs into. He's driving a big base ship with the moves I already described above. This thing oughta come with the Ben Hur soundtrack cause there's gonna be a whole lotta ramming speed going on. 

Also note this is probably another thinly veiled attempt by FFG to kill low PS generic ship/ swarm meta. He's PS 4, so he's going to move after all the lower PS ships move, but his card text will basically have no effect on anybody ramming him later in the Activation Phase. Unless you put Anti-Pursuit Lasers on him, of course. 

There's also this little gem, but honestly, I don't know that you actually need it. 

Going through the rest of the reveal, it seems that this whole notion of ramming with a Decimator isn't an accidental kind of thing. Check this out- 

Notice that this thing is kinda like Etahn A'Baht's ability in that those lowered Agility values transfer to the rest of your squadron's shooting. So basically, drive the Deci into the middle of your opponent's formation then blast away. 

Again- do we need anymore proof that FFG is trying to actively balance this game so that non-Swarms have a shot? 

We also got to see the other two named Decimator pilots- 

Come to think of it, I think we'd already seen the Rear Admiral (huh, huh, huh you said rear), but Kenkirk is new. Not sure how much of a difference getting a 1 Agility really gets you at that point over the guided missile of blunt force trauma that is Captain Oicunn, but there ya go. I guess when you take into account the Deci only has 4 Shields, you probably would get a lot of mileage out of that card. Nevermind. 

There are a handful of other upgrades and whatnot that were revealed today. 

While I'm sure you could find some uses for Jerjerrod on a Shuttle or Firespray, he's great on a Decimator because it's almost assuredly going to take some crits. Note that you can choose to jettison Jerjerrod or another Crew member when you want- it's not like the first crit you get you have to actually use him. If you get something that doesn't really interrupt your game plan, you can take that one and sit on Jerjerrod until you get a Direct Hit dealt to you or whatever. That's pretty contextual and you know how I love context. 

Eddie Izzard seems like a good fit on that Kenkirk version of the Decimator. At a glance she seems like a pretty expensive upgrade going onto an already pretty expensive ship, but I could see it working. Honestly, I think if you feel like you can get by without a Gunner, this card might just work best on a Firespray. 

It's kinda funny to me that this card turns up immediately after they debuted a new guy who can effectively render this card useless, but there ya go. It is pretty sweet, really and Rendar, Crew Member is only going to buff the ship he's actually on, so even if your opponent takes it, it's still worthwhile. Again, if you're buying into the Captain Oicunn ramming speed idea, this card is a great one if you can't find the points for APLs as it'll likely be out front and center of whatever else you're flying. 

I got majorly sidetracked when I saw this card because it made me think of Adrianne Curry as the Imperial Officer, which subsequently made me think of Adrianne Curry as Leia in the metal bikini, which also subsequently made me think of Adrianne Curry as Aeon Flux

Anyway, Ruthlessness is another one of those anti-area of effect type cards, but this one is kind of interesting in that it's just an Imperial only Elite Pilot Skill. Do your buddies take Biggs all the time? Well, here's the kryptonite for that. Admittedly, it's not totally cheap and you need to watch it as Ruthlessness must hurt somebody at Range 1 if your Attack actually Hits, but it's hard to debate its usefulness against opponents who favor formations. Also dig on the fact that it's not dotted. While multiple 18 point Black Squadron Pilots might not sound like the brightest idea on paper, the collateral damage this card causes certainly does make a case for it, no? 

Long story already long, I really like how these ships change the game. You know that I'm kind of a sucker for trying new stuff and all that, many of these cards that have been recently revealed have the potential to disrupt the dominant meta and really put the match result back into the hands of the guy who can fly his list better, which I think is really cool. It's commendable to me how they've done it without totally destroying the groundwork they've put down up to this point too, y'know?

I mean sure, if you think formations are the only way to play this game, you probably don't share that opinion, but after all of this evens out in the long run, I think most folks will be building their lists around what they actually want to play rather than what they feel like they have to bring to be competitive. And again, not all of y'all may agree with me when I say it, but I think that's awesome. 

11 August 2014

GeekV's Store Now Online!

I got an email Friday from our pal Andrew at GeekV's Clothing Company saying that their online store is up and running! Stop by and give it a looksee and tell 'em Clint sent ya! 

Good luck with the store, Andrew! Guys like you inspire me to someday throw down my yoke from The Man and make a go of it mydamnself! 


Potpourri for $500- Armada Announced, D&D Attack Wing Rules Posted

It's been a busy weekend, huh?

FFG Announces Star Wars Armada

I don't mean for this to sound crappy, because obviously I really, really, really like X-Wing Miniatures, but Star Wars Armada is kinda the game a lot of us have been holding our breath for. Don't get me wrong- I don't plan on giving up on X-Wing or anything, but when I mentioned before, waaaay back in high school and shortly thereafter, that game that BC and I were working on? Of course it had capital ships. I mean, it's one thing to be Han or Luke, it's whole other thing to be Ackbar, you know what I'm sayin'?

So two years(-ish) after X-Wing drops, now comes Armada.

As you've no doubt heard, read, or figured out, Armada is like fleet level engagements as opposed to squadron level dogfights.

The reveal article actually talks a whole lot about the game mechanics and stuff, so I highly suggest you read it when you have a few minutes to take it all in, but I'll hit some highpoints below if you don't have time.

So the box comes with three Cap ships- a Victory class Star Destroyer and a couple of smaller Rebel ships- a CR90 and a Nebulon B. All of these are pre-painted. Also included along with the usual ton of counters, cards, and whatnots are the squadrons of TIE Fighters and X-Wings which are not painted, but are "presented in colors to compliment their fleets." It's kinda hard to get a concrete idea of how big any of this stuff is as we don't really know anything we can use as a reference, but assuming the dice are the same sized as the dice in X-Wing, the image below should give you an idea.

Again, put as much stock in that as you want, but I think you can see why FFG opted to not pre-paint the fighter squadrons. 

As for the game itself, it definitely seems more complicated than X-Wing, but I don't say that in a negative way- truth be told, it should be more complicated than X-Wing. FFG explains it all, but there's an initative system, there is a Commands mechanic that's sorta like a marriage of the secret Choose Maneuver and Perform Action step, and while there aren't static templates like we're used to in X-Wing, there is template based movement to represent the relative maneuverability of the ships. 

I'm like really boiling it down here, but basically, your ship's card has some tick marks on it that tell you how many units you can move the template at what speed. Like, check out the image above- see the little arrowhead at the joints and the tick marks after it? 

The graph deal reads kinda weird, but as I understand it, you choose the speed you want to go, which is represented by the numbers across the bottom, then starting with the number you chose, you read up and that's how many clicks (tick marks) you can change the template and in what sections of the movement template deal. 

So the CR90 card there on the left has four possible speeds, 1-4. If say, we chose to do a Speed 3, we can't change any clicks at the first joint, but we can change the template one click at the second joint, and two clicks at the third joint. 

If we had decided to go Speed 2, we could change the first joint one click, and the second joint two clicks, and so on. 

The Star Destroyer is obviously less maneuverable, so not only can it only choose between Speed 1 and Speed 2, it only can modify it's template a single click in the closest joint at Speed 1, but if it's going Speed 2, it cannot change the first joint, but can change the second joint a single click. 

Here's an example of the CR90 moving at Speed 3- 

So judging by this image, changing a click is a "may" not a "must" kind of thing, dig? 

After the Command and Ship phases, we come to the squadron phase where the X-Wings and TIEs can mix it up, then everything wraps in the Status Phase and if it stopped right there, I'd probably still be on board with this game, but the article then goes on to mention that this game isn't just caps pounding each other for the fun of it- oh no. There's Objectives to be won! 

Before the game starts, you and your opponent choose an Objective which apparently not only changes the setup and stuff, but also gives you some special rules and in some cases winning conditions. 

Past that, there's not a lot of intel about the game other than what's given, but it does allude to fleet building though it doesn't really say if there's going to be a points system or a GW style Force Org Chart or just what. They also don't mention Expansions or booster packs or whatever you want to call them, but the last pic in the article has an ISD with a total of six TIE Fighter squadrons. 

You'll note the contents shot only includes two squadrons of TIEs. You'll also notice that the MSRP on this monster is a cool hundy in US dollars, so I doubt we'll be having those "How many core sets do I buy?", discussions this time around. At least I sure hope we don't. One of the reasons I got out of 40k was the high cost of living- having two little kiddos running around ain't cheap as many of y'all know and the relatively low buy-in of X-Wing is/ was one of the most attractive aspects of the game for a lot of folks and is maybe the only thing that could possibly shoot Armada in the foot at this point. 

Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing Rules Posted

While I was never really all that interested in the Star Trek version (ain't hatin'- it's just not my bag) of the Flight Path, I gotta admit, there's a dorky middle-schooler inside of me that's kinda stoked about Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing. Up to this point, we've gotten very little actual information about it, but over the weekend, BC reported to me via G+ that WizKids had posted the rules for it on their website

Aside from the rules, there's still not a ton of info regarding this game, which kinda makes you wonder when exactly it's going to actually be released, but there's a kind of surprisingly well-developed Organized Play section and some renders of what the dragon models in the core set will look like. 

Going through the PDF, it would appear that there's a quick-start rulebook and a full-on rulebook, which is what the PDF is. 

Right off the bat, they mention that there are rules for customizing your "legion" and playing campaigns, so Expansions or boosters or whatever you want to call it are definitely in the cards. 

The stuff that comes in the starter box seems pretty similar to the stuff you got in your X-Wing Miniatures starter, but with some small differences- for example, there are still Straight, Turn, and Bank templates, but it seems there are more of each in Attack Wing. There are Armor Tokens instead of Shield Tokens, there are maneuver dials, there are Action tokens, and Crits, red Attack dice, Green Agility dice, a Damage Deck, and so on. There are a few new ones too- Pivot tokens, Effect Tokens, Duration counters, Exhaustion tokens, but it really seems if you've got a good handle on X-Wing, you can very likely pick this game up and play it with very little rulebook face time. 

I mean, check out the creature card for the Red Dragon- 

I'm not saying that's a bad thing, mind you. Again- there's tons of us who obviously enjoy the Flight Path ruleset, and probably at least a few of us find the similarity between X-Wing Miniatures and Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing comforting if not attractive, but at some point, you have to wonder if the two games are too close to being the same thing for people to buy both, y'know? 

I will say, one thing that made me sit up a little in my chair was that the rulebook had a setup for a 3-player match. 

It's funny- I've never really wished for additional Factions in X-Wing, simply because while there have been third parties that could conceivably be added like Pirates or Smugglers or the Yuzong Vohn or whatever, I just always think of Star Wars as being the Empire and the Rebels, y'know? But with Attack Wing, a third faction is just another dragon flying around or whatever, so it totally works in my mind. 

Thumbing through the rest of the PDF, anyone who is at all familiar with X-Wing Miniatures will find a lot of common ground- maneuvers have a kind of Stress mechanic, there's an Activation Phase, etc., but everything has enough of a twist on it that I think it keeps the game from being too similar, although again- some folks will complain it's just a re-skin of X-Wing Miniatures, and truth be told, they're pretty much exactly right. There are some new tricks here and there, but they're all bolted on to a very familiar chassis. I guess what I'm saying is, if FFG released X-Wing Miniatures 2.0 and wanted to build in a little more depth, like say for example with mechanics where you can manage power to shields, engine, and guns, or get more detailed weapon effects so that Ion Weapons work more like they did in X-Wing for PC, you'd probably end up with something very close to Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing, just with different names for things. 

And although some folks would hate it if it shows up in X-Wing, there are rules for ground units in Attack Wing. 

Texting with BC and Sean after the Armada reveal Friday, BC wondered aloud how/ if X-Wing Miniatures would continue to be supported model-wise. My answer at the time was "New movies." I mean, we already have seen the leaked/ released pictures of that X-Wing with the weird engines or the Headhunter with four guns, depending on what you think you're looking at, but after all this, I wonder if AT-ATs and Shield Generators could be in our future at some point? 

Did I mention that Attack Wing has an Altitude mechanic? 

08 August 2014

Just the FAQs, Ma'am- Version 2.1

Again, I'm trying to catch up on old business here, but in case you missed it, FFG released a new version of the X-Wing Miniatures FAQ a couple weeks ago and I need to talk about it a little bit.

First, and again, most appreciatively, FFG's FAQ for X-Wing is cumulative, so you don't have to maintain a library of the past FAQs to have everything that's been FAQed and errata'ed up to this point- everything that's been ruled on is always included in the latest edition. Additionally, the new stuff is added in pink text, so it jumps out at you if you're familiar with the previous editions.

As usual, I'm just going to hit some high points that piqued my interest that y'all might find noteworthy.

Section 1: Errata

Prox Mines that are dropped on a ship don't go off until the ship the Mine Token is under moves off of them. Goes on to say that a ship can only overlap the token if it executes a maneuver, Decloaks, or performs a Barrel Roll or Boost Action. Also Huge ships (Transport, CR-90) have to overlap a Prox Mine with their base to set it off, not just their template.

Large ships (the YTs, Shuttle, Firespray) that possess the Barrel Roll do it a little differently than the smaller starfighters- instead of placing the short edge of the 1 Straight template on the side of the Barrel Rolling ship's base and moving the length of the long edge, you turn the template 90 degrees and use the long edge up against the side of the ship's base and move the length of the short edge of the 1 Straight template.

Section 3: Rule Clarifications

If a model pulls a Square maneuver (stationary) and begins its turn touching another model, the two models are not considered to be overlapping even though they remain physically adjacent.

In Competitive Play, if a player wants to look at a dial he has finished his Planning Phase, he has to inform his opponent.

In Competitive Play, if you get your dials mixed up and assign a B-Wing dial to your A-Wing or something, you're ok so long as the maneuverable is executable by the ship according to its correct dial. If you get your dials mixed up and you've selected a maneuver that isn't normally available to that ship, your opponent gets to pick a new (legal) maneuver for that ship.

In Competitive Play, if your dial doesn't clearly show your chosen maneuver, i.e. it's showing the blank between two maneuvers instead of clearly indicating your chosen maneuver, your opponent gets to pick between those two maneuvers.

In Competitive Play, if you knock a ship over, replace it as best you can, but your opponent has final say over where the ship ends up though he too must be trying to replace it in its original location as best he can.

Section 3: Card Clarifications
(No, that's not a typo, the FAQ has two section 3s)

When Echo Decloaks, you're supposed to say which side and direction she's Decloaking. That said, if you cannot Decloak to the chosen side, you can choose the other side instead, or choose to not Decloak at all.

If Corran Horn destroy's Fel's Wrath, Fel's Wrath stays on the board until the end of the following round's Combat Phase. Also, if Fel's Wrath is destroyed, but your opponent loses the rest of his ships in the same turn, the player running Fel's Wrath earns a Modified Match Win.

If Colonel Vessery spends his Target Lock to lauch Missles at a ship that has him Target Locked, he immediately acquires a new Target Lock and can use it to modify his roll that turn.

Corran Horn's additional Attack happens in the End Phase, but before you remove all the unspent Focus and Evade tokens from the board.

If Porkins removes a Stress Token from a red Maneuver via his card text, he does not skip his Perform Action step.

Because of timing intricacies, Night Beast can still get his Free Focus Action even if he overlaps another ship, but if he's Stressed and pulls a Green, he doesn't (though he'd still get his normal Perform Action step).

Rexler Brath flips cards face up after resolving the effects of any face up Damage cards from his initial Attack. This means that any cards that were face up, but then were flipped face down (due to Chewie, etc.), actually do get flipped back up as his ability triggers after all that business.

Similar to Echo's Decloaking, Lieutenant Lorrir has to nominate which side and direction he's going to Barrel Roll before he tries it, but if he can't complete the Roll, he can choose the opposite side or choose not to Roll at all.

Wes Janson's ability doesn't kick on until after his Attack has been fully resolved. In other words, the defender doesn't lose a token until after that particular Combat Phase completes.

The Free Cloak Action provided by Advanced Cloaking Device doesn't work if the ship bearing it is Stressed because Stressed ships can't Cloak.

Munitions Failsafe can work with Cluster Missiles, but both Attacks have to miss for it to trigger.

If a Phantom uses Advanced Sensors to Cloak, it can't immediately Decloak.

Draw Their Fire doesn't pull crits from Darth Vader, Crew Member or Proximity Mines as those technically aren't Attacks.

If you have both C-3PO and Flight Instructor, you can make a guess on how many Evade results you'll roll, add an Evade result if you guessed right, and re-roll the dice (if applicable).

Like many of y'all picked up on, Flechette Torps use the target ship's "starting" Hull value to determine whether or not they cause Stress.  Additionally, if you have Munitions Failsafe on a ship with Flechettes and you fire them at a ship with less than 4 Hull and miss, the defender gets a Stress Token and you keep your Flechettes.

The auxiliary firing arc on a Firespray works just fine with Outmaneuver.

If your template and/ or base covers multiple Proximity Mines, they all detonate even if your ship was destroyed by the first one.

If you've got R2-D2, Crew Member on a Huge ship, both the Fore and the Aft have to be stripped of their shields for R2-D2 to kick on.

Screw it- I'm just going to cut and paste this one:

Ships with multiple Tactician Crew Members convey multiple Stress Tokens- 1 Token for each Tactician. 

A ship with Tactician and Gunner gives a Stress Token if the first Attack misses. 

A WED-15 Repair Droid can fix either section of the ship he's Crewing, but he uses up the Action for the section he repairs. He can also be used to repair a Damage card on a Crippled area of a ship, but the area remains Crippled even after the card is removed. 

Section 4: FAQ

A Huge ship can be deployed on top of an Obstacle, but it gets a face up as soon as it executes a maneuver. 

Defenders have to roll defense dice and Attackers have to roll Attack dice. 

Ships don't have to Attack, and they can't Attack allies. 

Cloaked ships that are Ionized cannot Decloak. 

Huge ships in Missions start with 0 Energy. Huge ships in Epic Dogfights or Epic Tournaments though start with full Energy. 

And Now For Something Completely Different!

Those of y'all who follow me on G+ and/ or Twitter know of my many varied interests outside of gaming tables at the FLGS, and yeah, while I'll pepper in references to music I enjoy and movies and stuff in some of my articles here on TheMetalBikini.com, I generally try to stay on X-Wing Miniatures stuff in general for the most part.

Until now!

My friend and now boss, Chuck has been bugging me for the past week to fire up this year's Fantasy Football (and by Football, I mean Soccer) league, but I've been busy and hadn't had a chance to get around to emailing the old crew and going through the usual, "Do we want to do official Premiership or ESPN or Yahoo! Sports UK or what, guys?" Rounds of emails and whatnot prior to setting up this year's league.

Well, Chuck being Chuck, shortly before lunch yesterday came into my office/ batcave and asked if I'd checked my email. I hadn't, but did while he was standing there, and his email of course wasn't about work- he'd taken the initiative and started up a Fantasy Football (yup, still Soccer) league.

So I emailed the crew and so far nobody has responded. I figure they probably already made a league and left Chuckles and me out of it due to our relative inactivity after the winter break last season or maybe they just got busy and didn't email a brotha back today.

Slightly bummed at the fact that there are only two of us in the league, I started trying to think of other soccer fans I could contact through Twitter and stuff (I mean, I am an American Outlaw after all- it's not like I don't know other Premiership fans, y'know?), but then the thought occurred to me that it might be fun to throw it up on here instead.

If any of y'all are interested in joining our league, get yourself set up over at PremierLeague.com's Fantasy Football section and then follow this link and it should get you all signed up for our league.

And don't worry, I'm just as bad at Fantasy Football as I am at X-Wing. Come on down, it'll be a hoot!

07 August 2014

Dash Rendar Reveal!

I know, I know, it's been like four days since FFG's article on the Dash Rendar cards, but I had one of my maintenance guys quit on me last Friday, so I've been running around like a maniac at work all this week.

Ok, so several new cards were revealed the first of which is a card designed by the 2013 X-Wing World Champion, Paul Heaver. 

This is kind of an interesting card to me. It's got an obvious benefit for the points, but has a drawback as well. Being an Elite Pilot Skill, it goes without saying, but obviously this card works better with higher PS pilots than lower (again- not that many low PS pilots can access Elite Pilot Skills anyway) because it triggers when you reveal a maneuver. 

Now, before anybody gets any good ideas, remember that Boost and Barrel Roll are actually considered Actions not Maneuvers, however I suppose if you could somehow stick this on a Pilot who is also a Daredevil, things could get a little more interesting (unless I missed the FAQ on DD now being an Action and not a Maneuver- I still haven't had a chance to really sit down and read the new FAQ/ Tourney Rules). Not sure if that's possible at the moment, but it could be interesting on A-Wing Test Pilots (or whatever they're calling it now), no? 

All that said, on ships with fairly high PS, this card should more or less translate into rarely if ever making a maneuvering mistake. This isn't a bad thing if you ask me, because it's trying to validate taking those more expensive Named Pilots over the generic dudes that are populating the tables currently which Paul basically comes right out and says in the previous reveal article that I didn't write about apparently. I don't know what your feelings are when it comes to making pilots like Soontir Fel, Wedge, Han Solo, or Vader more useful, but they almost undeniably do. It also more or less kills off any notion of trying to purposely block ships who are sporting Stay on Target, or at least make it a much more contextual decision whether to incur Stress by choosing to change your maneuver or just go ahead and ram into the ship that's in the way, which kind of goes back to Stress-eating which goes back to that article Sean wrote last week. 

I know what I'm about to say is probably going to piss off half the internet, and whether or not you buy it, it's kind of been the other part of the reason why I've been waffling around the past couple of days instead of writing this article. 

I don't like this card. Which sucks, because I'm very rarely negative about this game on here. There are things about X-Wing Miniatures that I don't like of course, I just don't spend time griping about it on here. Because let's be honest- you don't want to read a bunch of negative crap on here. Good Lord, you get enough of that just watching the news or whatever, y'know? The Bar is supposed to be a fun place to hang out, have some fun and some laughs, and maybe learn a new trick or two. It's not some personal soapbox cum complain-a-thon for yours truly. At the same time though, I always try to be honest with you guys- when I screw up a rule, I admit it, I own up to the fact that I'm not all that great at this game, etc., etc. I think my honesty is part of what keeps y'all coming back, so while I don't want to piss and moan about the game, I kinda feel like a sellout if I just thumbs up stuff if it's something I don't think is a good idea. 

I usually roll Rebels, y'all know this, but I play Imperials from time to time, and of course many of y'all who come on here play Imperials, so I hear a lot of the Imperial complaints. One of the frequent complaints is that Rebels don't have to learn to fly because they have several ships with access to turrets which is kind of a crutch. 

Whether or not you completely believe that, that's the perception. I don't 100% buy it, but I do think there is some truth to the notion. I'd say I maybe 80% buy it. 

Anyway, a lot of Imperial players, if you corner them will eventually make a statement similar to that above, and many will go on to tell you that Rebels in general are kind of easy mode and that's why they like playing the Imperial ships. This notion, much like the one preceding is very much debatable, but again- there's perhaps a little truth to it. 

Which in my trademark roundabout way is why I kinda don't like Dash Rendar, Crew Member- he makes two of the most perceived easy mode Rebel ships, the B-Wing and the Falcon, even more easy mode. 

After Sean texted me Monday about the reveal and we were throwing around observations and stuff, but before we got totally sidetracked into mixing Star Wars references with Dr. Dre's "Nothin' But A G Thang, Baby" along with BC, he reminded me that you'd still take damage from hitting Obstacles and stuff, just that you'd still be able to shoot and all. To be honest, I'd kind of glossed over that, getting Dash the Pilot mixed up with Dash the Crew Member, which once I was straightened out, I kinda wondered why I didn't get as bent out of shape over Dash- Pilot. I guess it's because the Activation Phase doesn't make such an obvious impact on the other guy's toys. Or hell, maybe it does and I just don't see it that way. In any case, I just have these vision of Han Falcons sporting some combination of Dash and Chewie, 3PO, or Gunner, Stay on Target, and maybe even APLs flying straight towards the enemy. Maybe it's just me. 

It still kind of applies to B-Wings (with E2 upgrade, of course) too, but with their smaller base and relatively limited set of moves at high speed, it's somewhat lessened and maybe even more in line with what seems to have been the original intent of the card- not completely screwing you over because a corner of your base landed on an obstacle. Of course, B-Wings do have a bunch of Shields, so flying through obstacles because Dash is riding shotgun isn't exactly a dangerous proposition either. 

I'm tempted to say it kind of doesn't matter on HWKs, but with all three of the named pilots sporting some kind of ability that buffs friends at X range, it really kind of does matter, doesn't it? I don't know, maybe if it gave the ship a Stress token I wouldn't be bitching about it so much, but as it stands, for only 2 points, it seems like a must include if for no other reason than that already formidable Primary on the Falcon now doesn't get turned down shooting through Obstacles, though keep in mind Combat Bonuses (the +1 Attack at Range 1 and +1 Defense die at Range 3) still applies as that has nothing to do with Obstruction. 

As usual of course, I fully reserve the right to be completely mistaken about this whole thing.