23 July 2014


Apologies again for taking awhile to get the entries posted, but I'm at least going to throw you the four, randomly selected winners of the Wave 4 Lottery Contest!

If you're curious as to how I selected the winners, I moved all of your emails to a "Pilot Contest Folder", took some screenshots, then printed those screenshots out.

Then I just started with "001" and wrote numbers by each entry (of which there were 120 total). Then I just went on that Random Number Generator website, put in 120 for the range, and hit the "Get Number" button four times. 

So here are the Pilot Cards of the Winners- 

I'll get the rest of the pictures from the entries and post them up in a GDrive folder late tonight. 

Winners- you've all been emailed. I'll be forwarding your mailing address information over to MM very shortly. 

Thanks again to everyone who entered!