08 July 2014

Meet Our New Sponsor Geek V's Clothing!

Y'all may have noticed around lunch yesterday a new image cropped up in the right sidebar over there- it's our new sponsor Geek V's Clothing straight outta Florida!

Geek V's is a startup clothing company that's making all kinds of cool pop culture and geeky stuff. They don't have their storefront up and running yet, but by clicking the link you can head over to their page on the Facebooks and friend them and once they do have their store up, I'll have that linked to their ad image as well. Andrew, their owner, tells me the store will be up very soon. 

I mentioned to Andrew I'd do a little blurb article to promote his ad on here and asked if he wanted me to promote or plug anything. He attached an exclusive image of what's going to become their first T-Shirt, so without further adieu, y'all- I present to you Lord Vapid, Master of Brain Street. 

Good stuff, no? Stop by their Facebook and tell 'em ya said, "Hi." And keep an eye out for their store! 

Thanks again for your support, Andrew! Good luck on your business!

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