22 July 2014

Entry for the Wave 4 Lottery is Closed

Just wanted to make it official- the entry period for the Wave 4 Lottery Contest is now closed. Come back Wednesday and I'll announce the four winners!

I've mentioned this to several of the entrants, but I wasn't at all shocked at the volume of entries (around 130 last time I checked)- I was however shocked at some of the really cool, original, and inventive ideas y'all came up with for your pilot abilities. You guys really owe it to yourselves to go through these Pilot Cards once I get them posted up for you to see and check out some of these special rules. There's some really good stuff in there! If I have time, I'll go through and pick out five or so that I thought really stood out.

Thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter the contest and thanks again to MiniatureMarket.com for ponying up the prizes yet again! Show them some love if you have the chance!

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