03 July 2014

Elite Pilot Skills- Wingman

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Wingman (2)
Card Text: At the start of the Combat Phase, remove 1 Stress Token from another friendly ship at Range 1.
Usage in game: Stress mitigation.
Action?: No.

Breakdown: At first glance, Wingman doesn't appear to be that great of a deal. After all, if you're going to lose a Stress Token, the start of the Combat Phase isn't exactly the best time to lose it. Like we've talked about on here before, the main reason that Stress Tokens suck is because they relieve you of your Perform Action step, which of course goes down in the Activation Phase which happens before the Combat Phase in the game turn.

So what's the point of Wingman then?

Unlike a pilot like say, Captain Yorr, who takes Stress from another ship and gives it to himself, Wingman just straight up makes it go away. That's basically the trade off for losing your Stress at a time which probably doesn't really do that much good- it just completely vanishes.

It's only a Range 1 kind of thing, so you need to be flying fairly tight to use it, but because of that start of the Combat Phase timing, you do have the chance to Boost, Barrel Roll, or otherwise do whatever you can to get those two ships into range with each other, no excuses.

I sort of can't decide how big of a deal this card really is. One the one had, it's synergy with a pilot like Jan Ors, anybody using Elusiveness, Push The Limit, or even a big ship unexpectedly using Expert Handling is pretty awesome. At the same time though, it's not going to be something that's all that accessible to all players and I feel needs to be kind of the centerpiece of a particular listbuilding idea to really shine through to the point where it's worthwhile to do all that work making it work.

I want to tell you it's also to help control the effect of stuff like Kath Scarlet or Flechette Torpedoes, but in all likelihood, that stuff is going to affect you during the Combat Phase, so again, the timing of this card makes it a little less functional than it possibly could be.

I don't know guys, again- I can see the potential, but from where I'm sitting, I can't quite get my head around the big picture with this card. What am I missing here?

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