21 July 2014

Contest Update!

Hey y'all, just wanted to do a quick update to let everyone know, the response to the pilot card contest has been, well, overwhelming! 

I was trying to stay current with emailing y'all back last week, and I kept up until around Saturday evening. Entries just came pouring in- we're well over 100 now. Probably closer to 150, just guessing. 

If you've not gotten a confirmation email from me, you likely will later today. I should have some time here and there at work to play catch up on this. 

Just so everyone is on the same page here, I will email you back in regard to your entry. If you entered before Saturday afternoon and have not heard from me, I probably didn't get your entry, so go ahead and submit it again. 

Thanks again to all of you who have taken the time to enter, and I'll get back to work on the Wave 4 card breakdowns Tuesday- I promise! 


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