24 July 2014

Bikini Squadron is Online!

All right, so without further adieu, I give to you the GDrive folder of the pilots y'all submitted for the big Wave 4 Lottery Contest sponsored by MiniatureMarket.com and presented by TheMetalBikini.com-

(Click on that to go to the GDrive Folder)

As I said to some of y'all in my replies to your entries, I wasn't really all that surprised that so many of you entered the contest. I mean, it wasn't that much work to create a pilot card, and with MM giving away all four of the Wave 4 ships to each of the four winners, it was definitely worth the trouble, right?

What I totally didn't plan on was all of the interesting special rules you guys came up with. I'm for real when I say that some of your entries were highly original, thematic, and inventive in the extreme.

We also had entries for existing pilots, alternate takes on an existing pilot or two, and lots of funny entries. All in all, I really did have a blast going through all of these pilot cards and you guys all deserve a huge round of thanks, drinks, and pats on the back for your trouble. There's some really good stuff in here! When I have time, I'll spotlight some cards that are particularly cool, funny, or have neat rules on here. Until then though, you really do owe it to yourselves and each other to go through this directory, large as it may be, and take a good hard look at some of these cards. I'm tellin' ya, some of them you really will want to incorporate into your games- they're that good.

So once again, thanks to Miniature Market for being such amazing sponsors and thanks to all of you guys who made this contest so successful.

Congrats again to the winners and guys I'll be sure and forward any info I get on prizes being mailed out as soon as I get it from MM.

Friday I'll be back on Wave 4 card stuff.


EDIT: It would appear that some of the cards I tried to upload last night in a bulk move didn't go as evidenced in the comments below. If you don't see your card in the Bikini Squadron folder, leave a comment or shoot me an email and we'll get you added in. Sorry y'all!

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