13 June 2014

Wave 5 Revealed!

No, it ain't April Fools and I'm not kidding around! Wave 5 ships have been revealed just now on the FFG site!

For those of y'all not familiar with the EU stuff so much (i.e. me), That's an Imperial VT-49 and a Rebel YT-2400. They're both classed as big ships of course.

Those shapes in the lower left are debris clouds, apparently. I get the impression from the verbiage in the article itself that they're going to be some new type of obstacle. Not sure if they're only available in particular game types or if they're a deployable or just what, but that's what they are, in any case. Nice for all of y'all who have been making your DIY busted up ship miniatures- it appears they're about to get some rules!

We also had a few cards revealed already-

More like Crash Rendar, amirite? That's a very beginner friendly ship right there- ignore obstacles during the Activation phase and when performing Actions, turret gun, 10 shields+hull? Not cheap at 36 points for only 2 Attack and 2 Defense, but pretty forgiving and upgradeable to a nice degree if you do think you can afford it. Maybe Han Shoots First will morph into Dash and the Headhunters. 

Bit of a tradeoff, but if you're rocking a HLC or something else that's way more fun than the relatively puny 2 Attack primary, it's pretty awesome, no? 

Interesting card. Kinda wondering how it'd work on a ship with Advanced Sensors. Seems legit for only 3 points, even if it is kinda gambling (which is just so Lando by the way).  

The article says you got a VT-24 if you were a particularly good Imperial boy and that it provides long-range recon and drop off raiding parties. Seems like it's also got guns for days. 

This seems nice on any Imperial ship with a big base- reach out and touch a buddy or two with a Focus token. Happens in the Action phase, so there's some debate on whether it's better to put this on a high PS or low PS ship, depending on your opponent. Interesting possibilities though for sure and obviously frees up those other two ships to use a more exotic Action like say an Interceptor pulling a Barrel Roll or something too. Notice too that this card is NOT dotted!

That's pretty rough. I can see Mara riding alongside suicide Vaders in a Shuttle pretty easily. 

That's it for now! What do y'all think? FFG says the release is late Q3 and just like the other recent releases, they'll be dropping more info in the coming months. 

Also, sorry for not writing much the past week. I've been sick and have been trying to get to bed earlier. I'll get back on track Monday. 


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